McLaren 750S to Replace Aging 720S

The McLaren 720S ended production late in 2022, and we’re now learning more details about its successor, the 750S.

McLaren 720S

Driving the McLaren 720S, it’s hard to believe the automaker could outdo its performance, confidence, and attitude, but the last car rolled off the production line late in 2022, and we’re now hearing about its successor. Automotive News recently reported that McLaren’s next supercar would be called the 750S, its last non-electrified road car.

The 750S will ride on the same platform and carry the same twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 that powers the 720, but the output will be up 30 horsepower to 740. It’s expected to be a competent car on the road and the track, but it won’t be as hardcore as other McLarens, such as the 765LT, which offers 755 horsepower and a longtail body.

Where that car borrowed some performance bits from the McLaren Senna, the 750S may borrow some parts from the 765LT. It could get more exaggerated aerodynamic bodywork and the LT’s rear wing, though the new Artura could also offer some clues to its external styling. The interior is also expected to borrow elements from McLaren’s recent releases, which traditionally means a minimalist cabin with striking color contrasts and clean lines.

Automotive News first reported on the 750S a few weeks ago. We didn’t have a name for the car at that time, but McLaren’s Americas region president told the publication that the car was already sold out. Nicolas Brown told Auto News that McLaren’s customers started figuring out a replacement was coming as orders for the 720S came to a close. Anticipation is so intense that he said the car is “sold out through deep into 2024 without even having spoken about this.”

The publication’s source said McLaren would tease the car in late February ahead of a full reveal in April. The automaker hasn’t shared pricing, but the 750S coupe and convertible will be the brand’s new flagship and will be priced accordingly. Expect a 10% increase over the 720S, which would mean a mid-to-high-$300,000 price point for the upcoming supercar.

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