Artificial Intelligence is the current fad affecting virtually all walks of life, and how one can employ it to do things smartly, determines how productive one will be. While there are countless ways to get things done with the help of current AI tools, some really cool ones have been making people go crazy.

Moss and Fog have done something along these lines by using the AI generator tool “Midjourney” to bring together two very contrasting industries. They’ve managed to produce never seen cars in the style of famous architectural designers of the 20th century. The exercise in digital exploration is both magnificent and mesmerizing.

Designer: Moss and Fog

They’ve used the AI-image generator to reimagine how a set of four wheels will have the essence of each of these designers’ famous architectural wonders. The initial curiosity of the design studio was to comprehend “What if the most famous architects designed cars? Would they be as recognizable as his buildings?” Next, they set certain parameters to fit the style, and time period of the designer’s famous works in the application to give a head start. For those who don’t know, Midjourney can create digital art from any text, voice, or video prompts.

So, let’s have a look at these intriguing AI designs of renowned architects and what kind of cars they could have mustered up in their imagination.

Acclaimed as the “greatest American architect of all time” by the American Institute of Architects, Frank Llyod has reshaped the way we perceive modern structures. With over 1,114 architectural marvels under his name, Frank realized only 532 of them, and all of them were stupendous in their own rights. These off-beat classic car design was generated by the AI platform.

This futuristic car adopts the shapes of Zaha Hadid’s signature design language. The series of modular steel panels reimagined in abstracted layers is something that the AI algorithm has very immaculately incorporated in the render.

Canadian-born American designer Frank Owen Gehry is well renowned for some of the most famous world attractions. The architecture world swears by his contemporary view of designs, and in the year 2010 he deservedly got the acclaimed title of “the most important architect of our age” from leading Vanity Fair.

Antoni Gaudi i Cornet from Spain was a proponent of Catalan Modernism exhibited in his highly personalized creations in the sui generis theme. His creations are mostly based in Barcelona, the prime one being, the Sagrada Familia church.

Another Spanish designer who has amazed the world with his living organism-like sculptures has now got a four-wheeler design to his name. Yes, I’m talking about Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava Valls who is also acclaimed for his structural engineering, sculptor and a painter. Santiago is especially popular for his bridges supported by single-leaning pylons.

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