Jɑy Leno – A comedian ɑnd talk sҺow host, Leno is famous foɾ Һis love of cars and owns one of the laɾgest collections in the world.


There’s probably no other car collector out there quite like Jay Leno. Who else shares as much of their entire collection of amazing cars and motorcycles with the world, with as great a sense of humor, as he does? Sure there are supercar owners who also happen to be YouTubers, and car collectors with more varied and interesting cars who shy away from the public, but no one brings together the two worlds in the way that Jay Leno does.

Jay Leno on Cars, the Concours & Comedy

Leno is mostly known for being a comedian, and one of America’s longtime talk show hosts. In addition to his show biz career, he is an avid car collector. And in recent years, the Jay Leno’s Garage series that aired on CNBC initially and subsequently moved to its own YouTube channel, is probably how some younger fans out there know him best.

Jay Leno Was Working on 115-Year-Old Steam Car When Fire Erupted: Report

Leno has a garage full of rare and obscure vehicles, vintage and classic cars, motorcycles, as well as other cars and bikes that are more mainstream but caught his interest. Leno enjoys all aspects of his car collection, finding and buying them, the repair and restoration work, as well as taking them out for a spin.

Jay Leno: Hollywood star's $12M McLaren F1 car | CNN

That’s right, his collection isn’t just a bunch of show queens. Steam cars (one of which injured the comedian recently), sports cars, race cars, supercars, service trucks, movie cars, classic motorcycles, and modern motorcycles—almost any type of vehicle is welcome in Leno’s Garage. While the more mainstream vehicles in his collection aren’t necessarily all that expensive, there are some seriously precious cars that are worth a lot, and Leno’s worth doesn’t end there. Aside from his talk show career and garage full of expensive cars, Leno continues to do stand-up comedy several times a year.

The Revolutionary 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

Test Drive: 2011 Audi R8 V10 Spyder | Our Auto Expert

Stanley Steamer in the breakdown lane

Jay Leno's Tank Car - Banks Power

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe de Jay Leno

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