Gordon Murɾay T.33 Coᴜpe

The open-top version of the 607-hp, 11,000-rpm T.33 supercar will be barely heavier than the coupe and just as exclusive.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Debuts With 607-HP V12, Six-Speed Manual

  • Gordon Murray’s T.33 Spider uses the same 4.0-liter V-12 as the T.33 Coupe, revving to 11,100 rpm and making 607 hp.
  • Its targa-style roof panels lift out and stow in the front luggage compartment.
  • Only 100 will be produced, priced at $2.3 million at current exchange rates.

Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Debuts With 607-HP V12, Six-Speed Manual

When Gordon Murray unveiled the T.33 supercar last year, he admitted that an open-topped version was part of his company’s model plans. Now we have the stylish proof in the form of the T.33 Spider. Only 100 will be built, each carrying a seven-figure price. We can expect the entire run to sell out shortly after ordering opens, so there’s no time to waste if you want to add one to your personal collection.

How the Gordon Murray T.33 Spider Redefines Driving Pleasure | Panorica

While the T.33 is less radical than the central-seat Gordon Murray Automotive T.50, it is still radically different from almost everything else in the supercar segment. Like the other GMA models, the Spider uses a mid-mounted, naturally aspirated 4.0-liter V-12 created and built by Cosworth in the U.K. It shares its peak 607 horsepower and dizzy 11,100-rpm redline with the T.33 Coupe.

The Gordon Murray T.33 Spider - collectorscarworld

The T.33 Spider will also be available exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox. When Car and Driver spoke to Murray about the T.33 Coupe last year, he said he was planning to also offer an automated version of the same transmission, but that has now been reversed on the grounds that almost no buyers actually wanted to forgo a clutch pedal.

The Gordon Murray T.33 Spider: An Open-Top V12 on Steroids, Blog | Premier  GT

“It was an expensive mistake,” Murray admitted, when he showed C/D the new car at GMA’s Dunsfold factory in Surrey, England. “We started developing the gearbox with the Xtrac instantaneous shift and even had a working gearbox in a Lotus Evora prototype. We’d spent a fair bit of money on it—and then nobody wanted it!”

gordon murray introduces the all-new t.33 supercar

Murray confirmed that both T.33 Coupe and Spider will now be manual only, although he admitted it is possible that the instant shift system will be offered with the third car to use the T.33 platform, likely a track-focused variant. Spider and Coupe buyers will be able to choose between regular gearing and a longer-legged sixth ratio to make high-speed cruising quieter. Alternatively, they could just enjoy listening to that V-12.

The Gordon Murray T.33 Spider: An Open-Top V12 on Steroids, Blog | Premier  GT

T.33 Spider

The T.33 Spider: Gordon Murray Automotive's V12 Spider supercar

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