1972 Zagato Zele

In 1972 FIAT presented the 127. A model that allowed the Italian company to continue at the forefront of urban mobility, continuing in the wake of the 500, 600 and 850. In addition, something revolutionary was done with this new vehicle. Changing the schema “All behind” By the “All ahead” to keep the 850 only the engines. A leap to the future very well received by the market, which entered a new decade with renewed solutions for segment A. However, beyond these mechanical changes, generalist companies such as FIAT began to consider whether or not fossil fuels were appropriate.

1972 Zagato Zele - Amazing Classic Cars

At least in the cities. A fact that came from the awareness of the problems derived from pollution in a metropolis increasingly collapsed by traffic. In addition, the sum of different political factors heralded for the most seasoned the first oil crisis in 1973. A trance that put on the table the fragility of the West by depending on the crude extracted in a region as unstable as the Middle East. Thus, FIAT commissioned Giovanni Michelotti to test the idea of ​​an electric urban vehicle with different prototypes.

Zagato Zele. La movilidad eléctrica en 1972 según el carrocero milanés

Something that was about to reach series when in 1972 the X1 / 23 was presented. Perfect to move agilely through intricate historical centers with its 13’5CV and small size. Nevertheless, Despite crude oil prices, the market was not yet ready to switch to electricity. For this reason – and like other projects signed by Michelotti such as the 126 Urban Vettura- serial production of this model was ruled out. Fortunately, the Zagato Zele of that same year did not run, reaching approximately 500 units during its two years in production. Mind you, Zagato’s reasons for making an electric were different than FIAT’s.

Zagato - Zele 1000 Elettrica "NO RESERVE" - 1974 - Catawiki

1972 Zagato Zele - Amazing Classic Cars

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