1959 Mercᴜɾy Paɾк Lane Convertιble

Here we have a beautiful 1959 Mercury Park Lane Convertible that is super rare having only 1257 produced in 1959. It was nicely restored sometime in the early 1990’s but shows very well, having recently had New shocks, Master Cylinder, carb rebuild, muffler, full tune up and more….

1959 Mercury Parklane | Classic & Collector Cars

You cannot help but to get Noticed while driving this beauty. It is finished in a shiny Marble White paint accented with Neptune Turquoise both exterior matching the interior. It still retains its original Engine sporting 310 bhp, in a 430 cu. in.

1959 Mercury Park Lane is listed Sold on ClassicDigest in Emmerich am Rhein  by RD Classics for €64950. - ClassicDigest.com

OHV V-8 engine with a two-barrel carburetor, Multi-Drive Merc-O-Matic automatic transmission which runs and drives great, it was overhauled at the time of restoration. The independent front and leaf-spring rear suspension still feels tight and floats down the road with no pulling or shaking, It has four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes

1959 Mercury Parklane Convertible (8 of 8) | Photographed at… | Flickr

The grandest Mercury of them all was the Park Lane. With a 128-inch wheelbase, the mammoth car was over 18½ feet long almost requiring a Captains license to sail this land yacht. To further project a sense of grandeur, the Park Lane featured a mile-wide grille that extended the entire width of the car, under which resided a fat wraparound bumper.

Mercury Parklane Cabrio Sehr Selten! – RD Classics

The windshield was uniquely framed and extended high above most other cars. The Park Lane was offered in sedan, coupe, and convertible models and had the best that Mercury could offer in terms of meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable interiors, and performance.

1959 Mercury Parklane Convertible (5 of 8) | Photographed at… | Flickr

You will be the Star of the show and the envy of your neighborhood once you park this in your garage. These Cars do not often become available for sale so do not miss this opportunity!!!

1959 Mercury Park Lane Values | Hagerty Valuation Tool®

South Jersey Classics is a 10,000-square foot classic and specialty collector automobile dealer, featuring 50+ vehicles. This vehicle is located in our showroom in Newfield, NJ.

Mercury Park Lane Crusier Dashboard - 1959 | Dana Point Auct… | Stan F |  Flickr

1959 Mercury Park Lane Convertible @ American cars for sale

1964 Mercury brings one-of-a-kind glamour to the Concours d'Elegance


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