1958 Pontiac Bonnevιlle Convertible


The 1958 Pontiac was a one-year only body design and the most flamboyant of GM’s chief designer Harley Earl. After World War II Earl decided cars should look like jet airplanes and rocket ships. As the 1950’s blossomed cars started to take on wild paint jobs, tail fins and chrome. Lots of chrome.


The 1958 Bonneville had a rocket ship chrome emblem on the side and airplanes on the tops of the front fenders. Colors were bright and happy and two-tone paint was considered very stylish. Rangoon Red and Greystone White were the preferred colors for the convertible.


The 58 Pontiac has been an iconic design of the time and is actively sought after by collectors. 1958 was a economic recession year and total production was low for all manufactures.


This was the second year for Pontiac to offer the Rochester fuel injection unit and the only year it was offered as a dealer installed option. It’s high price of $517 on a car with a base price of $3700 was considered extreme and not many factory installed units were produced. The 1958 production of Bonneville convertibles was only 3096 units and it is estimated less then 200 were ordered with fuel injection.


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