Swimming Pool Design Ideas for Limited Yard Space


Small swimming pool designs are something that modern day people are looking for. Yes, if you are following a hectic schedule, you need something that can give you the ultimate mental serenity. A house paired with a small swimming pool reflects your sense of style. Yes, it is something that can give you the ultimate comfort. That you are always looking for to give your body and mind the ultimate peace. Anyway, talking about the present situation, the architectural studios are coming up with different types of swimming pool designs. They are also making designs for limited yard space.

Getting a proper swimming pool in a limited yard space is not as easy as it sounds. But, modern architectural studios are working hard to fulfill the requirements of the people living in this modern time. We at AmazingHomes.net offer different types of kitchen designs, bedroom designs, interior designs, house designs and house plans. Here, we have come up with some alluring small swimming pool designs for limited yard space. It does not matter whether you want a small swimming pool space beside the bedroom. Or, you want it in the small yard of your house. We have all kinds of designs.

The swimming pool is something that adds a new dimension to the overall interior design of the house. You can even express your sense of style through the swimming pool design. Small swimming pool designs look more attractive than normal swimming pool designs. If you are looking for attractive swimming pool designs that will mesmerize your guests, you are in the right spot. At Amazing Homes, we have come up with 29 beautiful small swimming pool designs for the limited yard space. We have elaborated each small swimming pool design below. If you want to know more about these designs, you can go through the following points:

Number 1

A perfect way to use an unused or extra corner of your home is to turn it into this type of elegant and small swimming pool.

Number 2

Get amazing beach vibes at home by installing a simple swimming pool. Do it in the mid of your house’ garden to make it look exquisite, too. 

Number 3

No better swimming pool can be built in a home. Than this cute circular one along with the addition of modern chairs to enhance the comfort. 


Number 4

What else would be needed if you have your own peaceful and splendid swimming pool just beside your bedroom? 

Number 5

Don’t leave the sideways of your house useless when you can build a ravishing swimming pool there and have soothing vibes whenever you want. 

Number 6

Installation of a swimming pool in the unused corner of your home is great but wouldn’t it be splendid if you add more style and curves to your pool? 

Number 7

If you have a proper backyard or just some extra space at the back of your house, then giving it a perfect beach look is definitely not a bad idea. 

Number 8

A peaceful pool at someplace inside your house is a great way of making your home look more modernized and comfortable. 

Number 9

Not just a swimming pool, but adding a few more decorations around it would make your place look a lot better and elegant. 

Number 10

What can be cosier than having a swimming pool along with your dining tables? Moreover, adding a number of plants around it can surely do wonders. 


Number 11

Round pools are always cutest and the best way of adding comfort and more homely feel to your house. 

Number 12

Another exquisite example of using the extra room present at the side of your house and turn it into something commendable and super cool. 

Number 13

A mesmerizing and cosy idea of adding a swimming pool at some side of your house and make it more appealing and peaceful at the same time. 

Number 14

Building a swimming pool in front of your windows and just a few steps away from your bedroom is something really calming that you can experience anytime. 

Number 15

There is usually a great space and environment for a swimming pool beside the lounge of the house. So you must use it and turn it into something more mesmerizing like this. 

Number 16

Giving some more garden and aesthetic looks to your small swimming pool is a good way to make it look exquisite and charismatic. 

Number 17

Adding a pretty curvy swimming pool in your house is definitely something you should opt for if you own a lawn. 

Number 18

Swimming pools do not mean you must have a lot of space in your house. You may also add this type of straight yet perfect pool according to the space you might find somewhere in your house. 

Number 19

If you want to make your poolside more comfortable and mesmerizing, then adding this type of sofa bed beside it would be a great choice. 

Number 20

Installing a swimming pool is sometimes not enough. So, if you have a good space then adding some more beauty around it would definitely turn your house into a luxurious place. 


Number 21

This is another beautiful example of installing a simple and elegant swimming pool at some cosy place in your house. 

Number 22

Building a pool alongside your garden and making it more appealing by installing a sitting place beside it, too, is another splendid idea for having a good time in your own house. 

Number 23

A beautiful and cute idea of installing a small and modish pool in some corner of your house. 

Number 24

What a splendid way of adding a swimming pool as well as mesmerizing looks to your house by this contemporary design! 

Number 25

You might like this type of swimming pool a lot if you are more into elegance as well as modern styles. 

Number 26

Having a compact swimming pool installed on your wooden floor always makes your place look pleasant and amiable. 

Number 27

Why should the swimming pools only be of traditional shapes? Building different pool shapes would be a great change from having conventional pools. 

Number 28

Installing a swimming pool only might not be enough sometimes when you can make the surroundings cosy and a lot more comforting by a few more additions.

Number 29

A modernized and alluring pool at your house that not only gives comforting but soothing vibes, too, is a great way to deal with stressful times. 

Number 30

Last but not least, mesmerizing idea of turning your home more elegant and delicate by the use of lavish plants around an appealing swimming pool. 


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