7 Beautiful Spiky Indoor Plants

If you want to add special plants to your collection, our post today will give you a few plants that have a unique beauty. The 7 Beautiful Spiky Indoor Plants not only bring interest to your living space but also are easy to grow. It is good news for those who are beginners or love gardening but don’t have much experience, right? Check them out to find their different features as well as choose some you love.

Like other houseplants, they can adapt to all conditions. When you have more time to take care of them, they will grow best to display their natural beauty. Sometimes, you are not at home for a few days, even lasting a whole week, they can also survive without requiring much water. Plus, they can bring benefits when grown that make you love them more. For example, Snake Plant will help in purifying the indoor air, or Aloe Vera is great to treat some burns and stings or use in cooking. Keep reading to know more about them!

#1 Haworthia

Source: Leafyplace

Haworthias belongs to a succulent family and can achieve from 3 to, 5 inches tall. It has packed spiky leaves. Like other succulents, it is also easy to grow, just needs a little water about once or two times per week.

#2 Agave

Source: Balconygardenweb

You can find many different varieties of agave including indoors and outdoors. This plant has green or gray leaves that are covered in tiny spikes around the edges. Agaves produce baby plants from the base of the plant after the plant begins to die, you can use them to propagate more plants.

#3 Yucca

Source: Bobvila

Yucca prefers direct sunlight and only needs minimal watering. Although it is a beautiful houseplant, its leaves can cause vomiting if they’re eaten by cats or dogs. So, if you grow it indoors, place it in a tall location in the home.

#4 Cacti

Source: Bhg

Cacti thrive in dry air and lots of sunlight that make them become low-maintenance houseplants. They not only just produce spiky but there are some also display stunning flowers like the pincushion cactus.

#5 Dragon Tree

Source: Thespruce

Dragon has an appearance that looks like a Yucca tree. It is an attractive houseplant with spiky leaves that are green with red edges. This plant can tolerate a wide range of temperatures but grow best in bright indirect light. Plus, it is easy to care for so if you are a beginner gardener they’re ideal.

#6 Snake Plant

Source: Swansonsnursery

Snake Plant also has another name called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. It comes from a succulent family with upright spiky leaves. It does well in bright light and low light conditions so it is a perfect plant for any room.

#7 Aloe Vera

Source: Wikihow

Aloe vera is the most popular houseplant with many benefits. It displays its beauty with long spiked leaves that contain a gel that is useful for treating cuts and burns. You can even add aloe vera gel to cooking. When mature, it produces baby plants around the base of the plant so you’ll be able to propagate lots of new plants from mother’s aloe vera.

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