24 Gorgeous Ideas To Display Air Plants

Like succulents, air plants also are preferred to grow in the home to add green decorating elements in recent years. They are ornamental plants that have unique and compact shapes, especially their easy-to-grow properties. They can adapt well to any condition indoors or outdoors. If you also love air plants, it’s time to make your home look beautiful with some of the 24 Gorgeous Ideas To Display Air Plants below. They are super cool DIY air plant holders and will help you have more inspiration.

They can be grown well in any material, from wine corks, logs, even a glass cup, a cement embellished piece of art, a piece of driftwood, or pretty much anything. There are many options and you can make great your own DIY air plant holders. For the best, they don’t need to put in any soil to keep your hands always clean and your home has a lovely green vibe. Scrolling down, choose some, then make whimsical and enticing additions to your decor.

#1 Make An Air Plant Landscape

Source: Finelycrafted

#2 Cork Craft And Air Plants

Source: A Rudulier

#3 Beach Themed Air Plant Terrarium

Source: Sustainmycrafthabit

#4 Living Heart Wreath with Air Plants and Succulents

Source: Etsy

#5 Living Wooden Air Plant Wall Hanger

Source: Etsy

#6 Driftwood Air Plant Wall Art Holder

Source: Pinterest

#7 Air Plant Frame Stand

Source: Airplantman

#8 Birch Log Centerpiece with Air Plants and Succulents

Source: Sandandsisal

#9 Birch Hanging Air Plant Holder DIY

Source: Madeinaday

#10 Air Plant Square Glass Vase Terrarium With Green Reindeer Moss

Source: Etsy

#11 DIY Mossy Tillandsia Wreath With Air Plants

Source: Therainforestgarden

#12 Glass Air Plant Globe Terrarium

Source: Pinterest

#13 Natural Wood Air Plant Displays

Source: Airplantsupplyco

#14 Air Plant Holder with Rock and Wire

Source: Markkintzel

#15 Macrame Air Plant Hanger

Source: Pinterest

#16 An Air Plant Display On Cholla Wood

Source: Joyusgarden

#17 Mini Botanical Jellyfish Air Plant

Source: Notonthehighstreet

#18 A Unique Air Plant Display In Glass Cups

Source: Contemporist

#19 Recycle Your Glasses To Display Air Plants

Source: Bhg

#20 Cement Air Plant Holder

Source: Zahukko Mohamed

#21 Clay Hanging Air Plant Display

Source: Itsoverflowing

#22 Simple Air Plant Idea

Source: Popshopamerica

#23 A Glass Bottle Air Plant Holder Attached On Wall

Source: Pinterest

#24 Twig Hanger To Display Air Plants

Source: Homelysmart

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