15 Unique Indoor Plants That Have Zebra Print Shape

Do you are bored growing common plants in the home? And looking for something special to add a lot of character to your rooms, you are in the right post! We’ve listed the 15 Unique Indoor Plants That Have Zebra Print Shape to give an amazing look for every type of your decor. They might not exactly look like zebra, but these natural lines look fabulous that you will be amazed.

When it comes to the plant world, there is a lot of special types that are offered by nature unique shapes and foliage that can truly amaze you with their appearance, and these indoor plants are one of those. Especially, if you are love animal patterned plants, they will surely make you love at the first glance. Growing them in your home will bring interest all year round as well as help you connect nearly with nature more.

#1 Haworthia Pilbeam

Source: Worldofsucculents

Haworthia Pilbeam is a stunning succulent. It offers deep ribs and grooves that are underlined with white shade to give an impression of zebra-like skin.

#2 Zebrina

Source: Ubuy

Zebrina features arrow-shaped leaves with a stilt-like stalk patterned in black and yellow zebra-print markings.

#3 Small Snake Plant

Source: Homedepot

Small Snake Plant has exhibits deep green foliage patterned in irregular light green markings.

#4 Watermelon Peperomia

Source: Thelittlebotanical

Watermelon Peperomia has round fleshy leaves with dark green and silver markings that look like stripes on zebra’s skin.

#5 Flaming Sword

Source: Gardenmanage

Flaming Sword has deep green foliage adorned in white bands like zebra print. Also, it showcases tiny colorful flowers of bromeliad.

#6 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Nouveauraw

Chinese Evergreen produces white striped green foliage and pale green stems.

#7 Calathea Pinstripe

Source: Thecitywild

Calathea Pinstripe shows off glossy dark green leaves with rose-cream pinstripes like zebra print and purple bottom sides.

#8 Zebra Calathea

Source: Unursery

Zebra Calathea has dark to mid-green patterns that resemble zebra’s skin foliage. In spring, it produces white-purple flowers.

#9 Wandering Jew

Source: Greg

Wandering Jew produces variegated leaves that look like the stripes of the zebra.

#10 Calathea Orbifolia

Source: Gardeningchores

Calathea Orbifolia has stripes in the shades of green and white like zebra print.

#11 Zebra Plant

Source: Stamenandstemblog

Zebra Plant has leaves zebra-like bold patterns of white-colored veins that look beautiful on dark green foliage.

#12 Silver Vase Plant

Source: Jacksonblume

Silver Vase Plant puts off leathery arched foliage is patterned in silver and sea green stripes that contrast exquisitely with pink bracts.

#13 Earth Star

Source: Gardentags

Earth Star displays a rosette of black or deep burgundy leaves with erratic white cross bands that look like a zebra’s skin.

#14 Variegated Snake Plant

Source: Ladypenelopes

Variegated Snake Plant has dark green foliage with yellow borders that look adorable with zig-zag, horizontal streaks like zebra-print.

#15 Super White Zebra

Source: Succulentcity

Super White Zebra shows off white bump stripes on the outer side of plumped green foliage, it has noticeable lines that give it a zebra skin-like texture.

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