15 Outdoor Shower Ideas to Use in Your Yard

Whether used for rinsing off a dog, showering sandy feet after a day at the beach, or cleaning up after spending time in the garden, outdoor showers offer a bit of luxury in the comfort of home. Outdoor showers can be as simple as a basic showerhead mounted in a discreet location or as elaborate as an open-air enclosure. There are many styles, but finding the perfect outdoor shower idea for your home doesn’t have to be stressful. We’ve rounded up some of the best outdoor shower designs to inspire your backyard renovation.

There are outdoor shower ideas for all budgets. Combine elements of nature in your outdoor shower by decorating with plants or installing a living plant wall. Or add privacy with wood fencing or a stone wall. Consider spa-worthy features like a rainfall showerhead for relaxation or hardworking add-ons, like a handheld outdoor showerhead that makes it easy to bathe pets and kids. These 15 ideas will inspire you to build the outdoor shower of your dreams, no matter how big your backyard is.

Minimalist Outdoor Shower

black shower on white brick wall

An outdoor shower doesn’t need to take up a lot of room or be a focal point in your backyard. If you want an outdoor shower for functionality, skip the accessories and focus on a single showerhead you love. This matte black outdoor showerhead looks sleek against a white brick wall.

Outdoor Shower Privacy Wall

outdoor wooden corner shower

This outdoor shower idea feels like a nature sanctuary right in your backyard. The wood walls allow for privacy while keeping an earthy aesthetic. A few plants around the shower floor finish the serene look.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure

white enclosed outdoor shower

With a rainfall showerhead, this outdoor shower makes it feel like you’re bathing in a rainstorm. The stucco retaining wall enclosure and a wooden door give the space the feel of a private retreat. Native plants decorate the surrounding landscape. Add a few hooks for hanging towels.

Hidden Shower

stone wall outdoor shower

If you didn’t know this outdoor shower was here, you’d likely walk right past it. A gorgeous stone wall, textured floor, and distressed wood beam blend perfectly into this yard’s country-rustic theme. Simple details, like a vintage bronze showerhead and soap rack made from rock, keep the outdoor shower simple yet stylish.

Indoor-Outdoor Shower Idea

southwestern decor outdoor shower with blue shutters

If you like the outdoor shower idea but want the feel of one indoors, try an indoor wet room with hinged shutters. This setup allows bathers to let in light each morning while still reaping the benefits of a modern shower. This outdoor shower design works best in warmer climates—otherwise, gaps between shutters will let in too much cold air.

Nature-Inspired Shower Accessories

red wooden outdoor shower with plants hanging

If your plants are your passion, consider this outdoor shower idea. Mounted on a slatted wood wall, the shower is perfect for washing dirty hands, rinsing muddy garden clogs, or cooling off on a hot day. A pergola overhead creates additional privacy.

Mediterranean Outdoor Shower Design

Mediterranean style outdoor shower

Outdoor showers don’t get much dreamier than this Mediterranean-style escape. The open floor plan features multiple rooms that combine hand-painted tiles, brass shower fixtures, and a giant copper tub. The spacious outdoor bath area is large enough for many people to use at once, so it’s ideal for a guest house or pool house.

Rustic Outdoor Shower

ceramic tile outdoor shower big wooden beams above

A wood pergola frames this beautiful outdoor shower. Intricate tiling behind the showerhead helps the fixture stand out as a focal point in the backyard. Weathered brick pavers underfoot create an easy-to-care-for and nonslip surface.

Shower Privacy Wall

stone pebble tile outdoor shower with wooden bench

Outdoor showers typically offer less privacy than their indoor counterparts, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. In this outdoor shower idea, a well-placed wall creates a quaint little nook to rinse off in the sunshine. This secluded area allows for peaceful bathing in the buff—no matter how nosy the neighbors.

Garden Shower

outdoor shower with wood side and purple flowers

With some DIY handiwork, an old spigot can be converted into an outdoor shower. Nestled between two trellises covered with vining plants, this shower is as close as it gets to bathing in a garden. The sturdy wooden slats of the walls double as towel racks.

Pool House Shower

white wooden outdoor shower with ceramic floor

White walls, a stone floor, and simple chrome fixtures give this pool house a laid-back feeling. The simple high-mount showerhead makes cleaning a cinch, even for tall houseguests. An outdoor toilet and sink stop wet swimmers from walking through the house whenever they need to use the restroom.

Tiled Shower

turquoise and green tile outdoor shower

Break up the monotony of plain white walls by outlining an outdoor shower with a colorful tiled backsplash. This blue and green color scheme matches the surrounding pool. Small tile accents on stair risers unify the look with the rest of the home.

Private Outdoor Bathroom

outdoor wooden pallet shower with flowers growing over

After a long day of surfing, clean up in this outdoor shower enclosure without tracking sand and other beachside messes into the house. This shower shack is perfect for rinsing off while still enjoying the sunset. Dress up the space with lattice bursting with fresh blooms.

Stone Shower

outdoor stone shower in a bright green garden

Flowers, greenery, and fresh air surround this serene outdoor shower. You’ll have the chance to reconnect with nature and appreciate your yard’s beautiful bounty. When not used, the showerhead adds a vintage accent to the landscape.

Sunny Backyard Shower

large stone wall outdoor shower palm tree in the background

Direct sunlight, warm stone, green surroundings—how much cozier does it get? This private outdoor shower is tucked into the back corner of a yard, overlooked by towering palm trees. A gray platform deck provides a base for the shower and keeps bathers out of the mud.

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