15 Brilliant DIY Vertical Indoor Garden Ideas To Help You Create More Space For Growing Plants

Indoor gardening can be a challenge if you’re short of space. And, for your help here’re the 15 Brilliant Vertical Indoor Garden Ideas, by applying a few of these you’ll be able to create more space!

1. Vertical Pallet Planter

vertical pallet_garden

Make a vertical pallet planter to create an adorable indoor garden easily and inexpensively. They’ll provide enough space for growing herbs and succulents without taking a much of floor space.

2. Dresser Planter

Plant house-plants in a dresser

A bit quirky idea! Use an old dresser to create a stunning indoor garden. Plant some ferns and succulents in its drawers and also place some on top to create a beautiful indoor garden.

3. Indoor Ladder Planter

ladder planter

Previously we wrote a lot about the use of ladder planter in a balcony or rooftop garden. A practical idea! You can apply it to your indoor garden too! An old ladder is perfect to grow multiple house plants in limited space. To make this, simply add several wood planks on ladder steps to create shelves. Then plants your houseplants on it but be sure to place houseplants that have similar light requirements. 

4. DIY Pot Hanger

diy plant hangers

A unique (or say bizarre) way to display your favorite houseplants. This easy project only requires some scrap wood, rope, and a few basic woodworking tools. The best part is that the system makes watering a breeze. All the runoff from the previous pot drips into the plants below, so you only need to water the plant on top and be sure place a saucer under the bottom most pot. Here is the tutorial.

5. TV Stand Vertical Garden


Got an old TV Stand? Make a vertical indoor garden out of it. This is a great way to recycle your old TV stand and transform it to a living beauty. You can either paint it for a fresh new look or use it as it is for a rustic look.

6. Hanging Plastic Bottle Cactus Garden

Hanging Plastic Bottles cactus

Do you want to create a vertical soda bottle garden? Follow this idea. All that is required is bottles cut in half, cactus plants or succulents, and many colorful threads to get a really cool decorative look. Here you can see the complete tutorial.

7. Shoe Organizer Vertical Garden

Shoe Organizer

A hanging shoe organizer is perfect for your vertical INDOOR garden. Its pockets are the ideal size for growing individual plants and herbs.

8. Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical Plastic Bottle Herb Garden

Want to grow herbs but you don’t have space (short of budget too)? Well, even a wooden plank is enough. All you need is some plastic bottles, hooks, nails and hammer and you’re all set to grow your own herbs.

9. Mason Jar Vertical Garden

Mason Jar Vertical Garden

Don’t throw away those old mason jars, use them creatively to make an indoor herb wall garden. Metal bands and screws hold the jars in place against a scrap piece of wood that is mounted on the wall. Fill in the soil and plant your favorite herbs to use them all year round. Read about more Mason Jar Uses here!

10. Hanging Coconut Planter


Use coconut shells after eating to create this super cute hanging indoor garden. This project is unique, still simple and doesn’t require much.

11. Pallet Container Holder

DIY Vertical Indoor Garden Ideas

Arrange a pallet board and hang several pots on it. It’s easy! And the best part is it will create plenty of vertical space.

12. Vertical Picture Frame Planter

Vertical Picture Frame Planter

A cool idea for your room if it receives some sun to make it greener, you can hang a wall planter like this in your room. See the step by step tutorial on our website.

13. Vertical Pot Holder From Pallet Planks

Vertical Pot Holder From Pallet Planks

Dismantle a pallet board and separate the pallet planks; nail them on to the wall and fix the pots. Simple!

14. Hanging Terracotta Planters

Hanging Terracotta Planters

Vertical gardening is a boon for those who’re short of space.

15. Iron Grid Pot Holder

Iron Grid Pot Holder

You can make a grid like this by welding the iron rods or weave them by any other method so that you’ll be able to hang the pots. You can paint that too in your favorite color. *The grid can also be made of wood.

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