Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe

Few people know that treasures are publicly displayed in just a tiny part of the treasure beneath the ground.

Built in 1406, owns an area of ​​nearly 789,000 square meters with thousands of rooms.

This place has experienced 24 emperors, keeping more than 1,680,000 treasures. Therefore, it will not be too much if the posture of this architectural complex is the place to hide the greatest treasure in history.

Those who have visited the Old Palace all know, in fact, thousands of writings that are being displayed publicly in this place only account for 1% of the total number of treasures being kept. So where is the nearly 99% left of this huge treasure?

The answer to that answer lies just below the tiles of the Forbidden City. Because most of the non-publicly exhibited artifacts are being stored in the underground corpus.

Picture 1 of Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe

Under the Forbidden City, there is a hidden treasure of enormous value.(Illustration).

According to experts, if all these artifacts are public, the estimated value of that treasure can even buy the whole of Europe!

What are the treasures of the Palace that are storing the treasures but such great value? Invite you to “spot” immediately the treasure under the Forbidden City through the article today.

Coc Vinh Co

Picture 2 of Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe
This Coc Vinh Co is a gift for King Qianlong to give himself to his goddess in his 30s.(Photo: Source Baidu).

This gold-crafted wine cup is owned by, which the king asked to craft on his 30th birthday.

Coc Vinh Try is 12, 5cm tall, 8cm radius, finely carved, on the body of pearl and gemstones.

Later, that precious cup was still used by the Qing emperors in the early year of the opening ceremony and was regarded as the “security town” of this dynasty.

Hazel watermelon

Picture 3 of Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe

When Tu Hy Thai Hau passed away, a huge number of treasures that her beloved grandmother was born at the time were brought to burial.(Illustration).

According to many recorded sources, the watermelon image is a treasure from the “progressive” state session , which is said to be “unique treasures in the galaxy”.

In the past, West Thai Queen Tu Hy was extremely fond of this treasure, often storing it in the most solid and wrong cabinet. When she passed away, the watermelon was also lovingly arranged by the eunuch Ly Lien Anh in the tomb of Lao Buddha Gia.

The Queen’s phoenix hat

Many of the most precious treasures in the underground treasure of the Palace were once owned by Tu Hy Thai Hau. This is also nothing difficult to understand, because Lao Buddhas at the time of birth have a special passion for all kinds of jewels, ivory pearls.

Among those treasures, it is impossible not to mention the phoenix’s western hat. The one used by Tu Hy is decorated with 9 phoenixes, each mouth is stuffed with a pearl.

The priceless art wrestling

Picture 4 of Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe
A corner of the famous “Thanh minh Thượng hà” painting is kept at the Palace.(Photo: Source Baidu).

In addition to the artifacts created from precious materials, in the Palace, there are now more than 156,000 paper documents, including 53,000 painting works, 75,000 calligraphy and 28,000 inscriptions.

Among the hundreds of thousands of works of art, there are many extremely famous frescoes and calligraphy such as the painting of Thanh minh Hà hà, Thiên Lý giang Sơn, Ministry of Furniture .

And there are many other precious treasures .

Currently, the underground museum in Co Cung still keeps a wealth of precious objects, most of which are pottery and porcelain with more than 367,000 antiques, most of them are Canh Duc ceramics.

The Forbidden City is also a museum that holds many of the homogeneous artifacts in the world with a total of 16,000 units. In addition, there are more than 11,000 gold and silver jewelry, 19,000 lacquer antiques, more than 6,600 enamelled items, 11,000 fine art articles, 6,200 royal antiques of Minh – Thanh era .

Picture 5 of Treasure beneath the underground Forbidden City: Can buy all Europe

The Museum Museum holds a large number of extremely valuable treasures.(Photo: Source Baidu).

According to public statistics, the number of artifacts displayed in the Palace and stored underground totaled more than 1,800,000 characters.

But every year, this place only displays more than 10,000 types. So, to see all the treasure of the Forbidden City, posterity will take up to . 180 years!

From the background of the valuable artifacts stored in this place, it can be seen clearly, the rich people of ancient times were not rich people or officials, but those who came from Royal.

The fact that the old year after death was buried with a casket full of heterosexuals partly proved this.

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