People Buried This Car As A Time Capsule To Be Opened In The Future And Now Nobody Wants It

A lot of us can remember putting little things in a coffee tin and burying it in the backyard of our homes or schools so that it can be opened when we are older and wiser so that we can remember the good old days when we were small.

It’s called a time capsule and it’s pretty awesome to do! Especially when you remember it and you get to find your own “treasure” that your little self, buried for you. Maybe you didn’t do it when you were little, but nothing is stopping you from doing it now so that your 70-year-old self can find it.

Now, although we tend to put notes, pictures and maybe toys in our time capsule, this country wanted to go bigger.

Have a look down below and see what they decided to bury.


Tulsa Oklahoma decided in 1957 to take a white and gold colored Plymouth Belvedere, also known as Miss Belvedere, and fill the trunk up with trinkets and gadgets from 1957. After that they shrink wrapped the whole car and buried it in a reinforced concrete vault in the ground, only to be opened 50 years later.

They made a competition out of it, by letting a number of people guess what the population number would be of Tesla in 2007. The person that guessed the closest would get the car in 2007.

This is not the actual photo of Miss Belvedere as she was a 2-door version, but it gives you a great idea of how beautiful she is. Now, 2007 came around and they dug her up to show everyone her luscious curves and pristine quality with just four miles on the clock.

They pulled back the slabs and found a lot of water and dirt, but Miss Belvedere was still tightly shrinkwrapped so she should be fine.

She was taken out of the vault through a crane and taken to the civic center so that everybody could enjoy the momentous unveiling that everybody has been waiting for.

Unfortunately for everyone, all they saw was sadness and rust.

Maybe it’s just the outside and she’s fine on the inside?

Nope, everything was rusted even the aluminum key was totally disintegrated.

The rust was so bad that you can poke a hole right through it with your finger if you apply a little bit of pressure.

Absolutely nothing was spared, every little inch was full of rust.

Ultra One, a company, volunteered to get rid of the rust and they spend $20,000 of their own money to do it, and the picture at the top is how far they could get. But they did manage to stable the chassis of the car.

Now, the engine was another story! It was like a solid block of rust and dirt that would never run again. The engine block is also so far gone at this point that it wouldn’t be able to hold another engine.

Did we forget something? Oh, yeah the trinkets and stuff that they put in the trunk was literally nothing! The water ate it away. The worst thing of all is that nobody wanted the car, because of the way it looks.

Not even the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma that buried the car wanted it. The car is now happily homed at the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, Illinois. We don’t know if it’s actually on display, we doubt it.

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