How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger | 15 Optimization Tips

If you have a small front or backyard, and if you are looking for some tips on How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger, then you are at the right place! We have some cool tips for you!

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger?

1. Plan According to the Available Space

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Organize your garden according to the existing space. If your space is confined by the walls, make it up the part of your decor.

Paint walls with white or any other bright color. Dress the walls with vines and climbing plants to maximize the space. Growing climbers near the wall also help reduce the use of a trellis.

2. Get Rid of Unwanted Items


Enjoy this redevelopment to hide unsightly objects like garbage cans or rainwater storage by hiding them behind trellises.

Later you can grow beans, flowering vines, and other climbers to cover or obscure them by planting bamboos.

3. Add a MirrorHow to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 2

If possible, arrange a large mirror on the back wall over its entire height. It is a good trick to create an illusion of enlarged space.

However, extra care should be taken when choosing the position of a mirror, as birds might hurt themselves after seeing their reflection.

4. Make an Exotic Sitting Arrangement

Small spaces that are well protected from winds and the exploitation of weather by the walls create a micro-climate: Take this as an opportunity to plant exotic plants. You can then enjoy an exotic setting, integrating less hardy varieties of plants.

5. Grow Slender Plants

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 3

Choose slender plants as the plants that may spread will gormandize your horizontal space. Choose more evergreen plants with persistent foliage and grow grasses in containers.

6. Go for Climbers’


For scent, grow fragrant plants that are climbers rather than shrubs. Choose star jasmine for its powerful scent; several species of a honeysuckle bloom prolifically.

For lovers of foliage plants, grow variegated ivy or Virginia creeper, which will blaze your wall with beautiful deep red color.

7. Make Sure there’s a Visible PavementHow to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 4

Do not neglect the appearance of the ground: A united, clear, and wide material for flooring will enlarge the space.

A pavement, white gravel, light wooden tiles, and a deck. With blades oriented lengthwise and facing the main light source will bring depth to the scene.

9. Use Wooden Planks

To enlarge the space by flooring, use planks instead of strips. Boards that are narrower than 3″ are called strips. Planks are wider than 5″.

If you are using tiles, choose large tiles. One more thing you should keep in mind is to keep consistency in the design of adjacent flooring space.

10. Add Plenty of Vivid Shades

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 9

Colors are the key if you want to make a small garden look bigger. Choose the colors of pots and planters in similarity.

Try to match the colors and stick to one style or theme for more harmony.

11. Arrange Plants Properly


Arrange the plants from smallest to tallest. This is a very basic tip but important. On your patio or rooftop garden, along with low-growing plants and shrubs.

12. Do Not OvercrowdHow to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 10

When it comes to How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger is to not overcrowd your small space with various accessories, unrelated objects, and multiple colors otherwise, your garden will look busy and cluttered.

13. Do Not Go Too High With the Fences

ANITA BLAKER / Getty Images

If you have a small garden, then refrain from opting for taller fences. They not only take too much space but also cast a shadow, which makes the garden appear smaller than it actually is.

14. Add Small Furniture

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 11

A small space calls for minimal furniture and there’s nothing like two chairs and a wooden log that can be used as a center table. This will leave a lot of room, making the limited space in the garden look spaced out.

15. Connect a Part of the House With the Garden

Rather than having a stand-alone small garden, it will be a good idea to merge it with a back room of the house. This will not only create a sense of space but it will also make it cozier and appear roomy.

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