9 Most Beautiful White Aloe Varieties

Best White Aloe Varieties

1. Aloe ‘White Fox’


A unique form of Aloe Vera, ‘White Fox’ showcases soft white bands along the edges and interior of the leaves. It also produces the standard yellow flowers that Aloe Vera is known for.

Growing Conditions: Like most other aloes, it can even grow in full sun, can tolerate the garden soil as well, and loves moderate watering.

2. Aloe ‘Delta Lights’


The leaves are deep green, featuring bold, light-colored horizontal streaks and bands that give it a unique aesthetic. The bands often appear in shades of white and cream, making the plant highly decorative.

Growing ConditionsFavors full sun to partial shade. Too little light may cause the plant to lose its distinctive banding.

3. Aloe ‘Snowstorm’


This White Aloe Variety lives up to its name with an eye-catching display of intricate white speckles scattered across its leaves, giving it a snowy appearance.

Growing Conditions: Prefers well-drained soil and indirect light, drought-tolerant once established.

4. Aloe ‘Christmas Carol’

One of its most distinctive features is the presence of soft white spots and dashes that adorn its rich, reddish-green leaves. These white markings create a beautiful contrast, lending the plant a festive and vibrant look that justifies its holiday-themed name.

Growing Conditions: Well-drained soil, full to partial sun exposure, and minimal watering.

5. Aloe ‘White Beauty’

The contrast of the white markings against the deeper green adds interest, making the Aloe ‘White Beauty’ a true marvel among other less variegated succulents.

Growing Conditions: Requires well-drained soil, partial sun to shade, and less watering.

6. Aloe ‘Tiki Tahi’

These White Aloe Varieties have mesmerizing leaf pattern that often features white striations. These striations run lengthwise along the leaves, providing a unique texture that complements the overall green hue.

Growing Conditions: Does well in partial to full sun exposure, prefers well-draining soil, and requires minimal water once established.

7. Aloe maculata ‘Yellow Form’

Aloe maculata ‘Yellow Form’ is characterized by its dappled white spots that punctuate the green leaves. These white markings give the plant a speckled appearance, creating visual interest and complexity.

Growing Conditions: Grows in well-drained soil, full sun to partial shade, and is drought-resistant once mature.

8. Aloe ‘White Ovate’


Aloe ‘White Ovate’ boasts stunning foliage that features a soft, creamy white coloration. These white markings are often variegated, blending seamlessly with shades of green.

Growing Conditions: Prefers direct morning or late afternoon sun. Well-draining succulent mix is ideal for its growth.

9. Aloe ‘Silver Ridge’

Aloe ‘Silver Ridge’ is another unique specimen with its own brand of white markings. Unlike the creamy whites in ‘White Ovate,’ ‘Silver Ridge’ features more of a silvery-white color. These silvery hues often appear as striations or spots,

Growing ConditionsBright, indirect light with some tolerance for direct sunlight. A fast-draining mix, ideally formulated for succulents or cacti.

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