84 Perfect Pink Nails Designs to Look Amazing & Girly

Some great pink nails designs may be the final missing piece of your incredible girl look. Show off your love of pink with these on-trend pink nail designs. We will give you pink nail design ideas ranging from the amateur level to some that require major skills. Don’t worry, though, these are inspirational images and you don’t have to follow them to a T.

1.Polka Dot Madness


First on our list is this easy to do at home pink manicure. This play on the classic french tip is perfect for everyday wear. The black tips add dimension and edginess to this otherwise girly pink nail design.

2. Stripes Away


Add some summer fun to your nails with these striped pink nail design. They only look intricate but are fairly easy to execute. All you need is tape and some fun and bold nail polish.

3.Two Tone Pink Nail Polish Design


This nail polish design shows that you don’t need to add loud colors to make a statement. The simple use of light pinks and rose gold nail polish keeps this nail design chic and sophisticated.

4. Ombre Your Heart


You might have seen the typical sponge applicator Ombre but this horizontal ombre application is not only unique but easy to do.

5. Simple And Bold


You can’t really go wrong with a solid application of hot pink nail polish. Match it with your outfit or add a subtle hint of color by pairing it with a monochromatic look.

6. Feel The Flower Power


This is one of the more intricate pink nail designs. You will need a very steady hand to execute the details of this floral design. If you don’t have the patience for detailed floral art, you can easily cheat your way and get the same look by using a similar nail polish decal.

7. Classic Twist



If you are one of those girls who likes sticking to classic designs but want to add a bit of your personality then these pink nail designs are perfect! All you need is baby pink nail polish and a dotting tool.

8.Where The Wild Things Are


Show off your impressive skills and your love for zebra print all in one go. These ambitious pink nail polish designs are perfect for a wild bachelorette weekend or for your sassy birthday weekend.

9. Blow It Away


Who doesn’t love dandelions? Showcase your childhood love for this wispy plant by adding them to your nails. All you need to execute this design is some patience and good clean tools.

10. Chevron It Is


Chevron is right on-trend, so why not add chevron on your nails? This easy pink and orange nail design is perfect for the summer time and will perfectly complement all your summer adventures!

11. Tribal Mixtape


Add a touch of bohemian to your look by opting for these tribal inspired nail design. They have subtle hints of pink and are perfect for anyone who loves pastel and soft colors.

12. Lace Base


The clean edge of these lace inspired pink nail designs is responsible thanks to nail decals. So, don’t spend hours trying to get the look because you will never be able to paint your pink nail designs this perfectly!

13. Daisy Fever


Daisy’s scream summer time so why not add the freshness and sweetness of a daisy on your nails? The best part, this nail design doesn’t even need a lot of nail polishes. Your regular everyday white and pink nail polish will do!

14. Coral Flamingo


Who doesn’t love flamingos? Make this miniature flamingo on your nails and instantly feel summer ready.

15. Matte Neon

neon-matte-tribal-nails-spring-nail-art-designs-OPT [105680]

We love this nail design because not only is it different- thanks to the matte nail polish but also we love the hints of tribal print and of course the pink never hurts!

16. Over The Top Ombre


Some days subtle isn’t just good enough! Throw caution to the wind and go all out with the glitter manicure. Out of all the pink nail designs on our list, this is by far our fav!

17. Duo-Chrome Puppy Love

4a75cab41f3537ebcdbb7f43d4f43cd0 (1)

You can’t really be any more trendy than duo-chrome. All you need to do is find a pink duo-chrome nail polish and all your edgy pink nail designs will easily become reality.

18. Romantic Escape


Show off your feminine side with this understated yet detailed manicure. This play on the traditional french manicure is another great way to add personality without overworking your pink nail designs.

19. Blue Lagoon


You might be wondering why we have a nail polish design named ” Blue Lagoon” in the middle of a pink nail designs article but this soft blue and purply-pink design reminds us of long walks along the beach and the smell of salt water!

20. Floral Suprise


Spice up your go-to baby pink nails with this bold turquoise accent nail. This is a great way to play with different colors without committing too much to one color in particular.

21. Mischief Managed


This is the perfect middle ground between the bold “Where The Wild Things Are” and “Over The Top Ombre”. You can easily tone this nail design if the zebra mixed with the speckled glitter is too much for you. Pick your favorite design and choose it as your accent.

22. Skyscraper Boulevard


Do you hold New York City close to your heart? Then why not show off your love for the city on your nails! This is a tricky design but you can easily recreate it with the help of some nail decals.

Remember, you don’t just have to pick NYC’s skyline. Pick your hometown or your favorite monuments and design away.

23.Spring Floral


If you love delicate designs then this is going to be a winner for you. Remember that these nail polish designs may seem intimidating at first but once you have tried them out a couple of times, the designs will come naturally to you.

24. Smokey Leopard


Love pink but aren’t all that into the typical overly feminine pink nail designs? Well, this one is for you. This dark and smoky pink design is perfect for girls who like a little bit of edginess.

25. Back to Basics


This is one of the easiest pink nail designs apart from just a simple application of nail polish. This will be your go-to nail design when you are in a hurry and can’t decide what to paint your nails!

26. Perfect Petals


I mean, who can hate on this perfect application of the classic pink color? This is a must for every girly girl and a complete classic.

27. Despicable Nails


Embody your favorite cartoon character with this design. You don’t have to pick minions for your pink nail designs but can go for your favorite character, either it is the endearing Winnie The Pooh or the dark Batman.

28. Did You Ask For Glitter


We have a love and hate relationship with glitter pink nail designs. They are just so stinking cute and a fun way to jazz up your nails but glitter nail polish is a pain to remove. We think this is one of the more classic pink nail designs and worth the trouble.

30. Peacock Your Heart


Emulate the beauty of nature’s most spectacular being by painting a delicate peacock feather on your nails. If you don’t have the steady hands required for this task, you can take inspiration from this design and paint your nails with peacock colors for an easier version.

31. Fuschia Power


Show the darker hues of pink some love with one of our Asian inspired pink nail designs. While most pink nail designs are better suited for the summer time, this design can be worn year around and would look especially great in the fall months.

32. Preppy Heart

pink nail designs

Mix some of our favorite pink signature designs into one with “Preppy Heart”. The glitter stripes, the perfect bold pink heart, and solid silver glitter is a bold combination that will get everyone talking.

33. Arrow Your Heart


Sometimes simplicity is the best. Add some foil detailing to your otherwise solid nails for one of our more understated pink nail designs.

34. Gingham Style


Surprise all your friends with this complicated ” looking”  nail design. All you need are two nail polish colors and some regular tape and you can easily achieve the look.

35. Let Them Eat Cake


Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Now, embody your love for this sweet treat on your nails. You will need a bit of practice to execute it well but a little patience will make everything easier.

36. I See Your Heart



This is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This sweet nail design will intrigue your significant other while making all your friends envious of your nails.

37. Easter Egg


Pastels are right on trend and you can get on that bandwagon by mastering this easy nail design. All you need is different colored glitter and some clear nail polish to get this “dipped” effect.

38. Stencil Your Friend


This is one of our more elaborate pink nail designs. The precision and steps to achieve this look are extensive but worth all the hard work and wait.

39. Watercolor Floral


Add the distinct softness of water colored paintings onto your nails. After all, nail designing is an art in itself. Experiment with different shapes and sizes of flowers until you find the perfect mixture.

40. Soft Words


This delicate design is understated without being blah. You can easily pair it with any of your outfits, either it is bold or simple.

41. Glitter Half Moon


You will be feeling red carpet ready after this simple manicure. Made popular by celebrities, this glitter, and pink version nail is easy to execute and perfect for every day.

42. Feel My Heartbeat


This is another one of our pink nail designs that only looks complicated but is actually really easy to do. All you need is a thin paint brush and some white and of course, pink nail polish!

43. Want Some Of My Melon?


If you are looking for pink nail designs specifically for summer then this design is all that you need. Watermelon, pastels and pink? What more can you ask for!

44. Classic Ombre


Sometimes there is nothing better than going the classic route. This simple ombre is easy to do but still makes a statement.

45. Purple and Pink Always Win


The title of this nail design sums up the whole look. This cute combo of a little bit of everything adds major depth to your nail art without feeling overwhelming.

46. Looking To The Stars


Use light baby pink nail polish to create a soft base for this elaborate accent nail. This is the perfect design for the busy summer festival season!

47. Leaf Much


Try this easy at home manicure design. All you need is a thin paint brush and some of your favorite nail polishes- preferably pink!

48. Bows Away


Really show off your feminine side by this bow-adorned manicure. You can easily find these bow gems at most beauty stores.

49. Love is All You Need


We know it’s July but this adorable nail design is perfect for Valentine’s day or well, any day you want to celebrate your love for another person or yourself.

50. Pink Bomb Zebra


This is a far more subtle version of the other zebra nail designs. You can easily rock this design every day, unlike the other designs which are more suited for parties or special occasions.

52. Crown Your Self


Treat yourself like the queen that you are with this manicure fit for a royal. You can recreate the detailing by using stencils or if you are brave enough, you can free hand it!

53. Classic Never Goes Out of Style


You can never go wrong with this delicate pink ombre. The softness of this nail design will add femininity to even the most rock and roll outfits!

54. Rose Queen


Talking about rock and roll, this design is the badass version of “Classic Never Goes Out of Style” The cross sign, the dark roses with the deep ombre makes quite the statement.

55. Drop It To The Dot


Play around with your dotting tool or even a bobby pin and get this flawless and easy polka dot design.

56. Dream Catchers


Show off your whimsical side by adding these bohemian dream catchers to your nails. We love the sweet feather detailing and beads.

57. Damask Your Heart


Another manicure that is fit for a queen. This fun play on patterns is unique and exciting and the pops of pink just add the finishing touch!

58. In Your Web


Not all pink nail designs are super girly. Get your fix for pink nails without compromising on any of the edginess with this easy webbed design.

58. Gold Foil


Gold and pink is a classic combination. Celebrate this perfect color match by adding different designs and textures to your nail art.

59. Cake By The Ocean


Take inspiration from this drool worthy cupcake design and maybe try an easier version if you are new to the nail design game!

60.Diagonal Love


Now that this list is coming to an end you might have seen so many pink nail designs but this diagonal ombre is so chic and unique.

61. Ice Ice Baby


Take this classic summer staple and transform it into your go-to nail design. Start off with only one ice cream cone, if you are an amateur and slowly add more and more cones as you practice more.

62. PolkaDot and Jelly Sandwich


Represent your next beach vacation with these ocean-inspired pink nail designs. Jellyfishes might not have any brains but doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy to be displayed on your nails!

63. From Heaven Above


The color pink is always associated with innocence. Take this idea to overdrive and create an angelic nail design complete with pops of glitter.

67. Lace In The Moon


We have already talked about the half moon manicure but this ombre plus lace half moon manicure takes this pink nail design to a whole other level.

68. Goth Girl


Channel your inner edginess with this dark and moody nail design. The added pink elements add a nice balance between soft and harsh.

67. Splatter Everywhere


If you are looking for pink nail designs that look complicated but are incredibly easy to execute then look no further. All you need to do for this nail design is randomly splatter nail polish across your nails. Clean the edges with a Q- Tip dipped in nail polish remover.

68. Let It Go


Most of the pink nail designs on this list are perfect for summer but this play on pink and snowflakes is adorable and different.

69. Grey Slate


Grey and pink is a classic combination. Use this timeless combination in a restrained way by adding minimal design.

70. Blow Away My Soul


Pink works perfectly with bohemian nail designs. This pastel design  might take you a couple of hours to achieve but the end result is totally worth it.

71. Chevron Bows


French tips are classic this version with chevron stripes and bows is fun and perfect for your next summer party.

72. Not So Obvious


This unique color pairing is daring and bold. If you are feeling adventurous try copying the same busy design but if not, stick to one design in the same colors.

73. Steal Your Girl


Summer is all about having fun and being carefree and these pink and blue nails say all that! The stark ombre makes a bold statement and we love it.

74. Side By Side


You don’t always need to make elaborate designs to make a statement. This simple trick of alternating between glitter and solid nail polish does the trick!

75. Anchors Down


This wouldn’t be pink nail design list if we didn’t include a nautical inspired nail design! The super preppy nails are perfect for your next sailing trip.

76. Pink Leopard


Add some pops of color with this pink leopard pink nail design. If the glitter and leopard are too much for you, pick one core design instead.

77. Blooming Ahead


Add some much-needed depth to your nail designs by choosing this bright pink floral design.

78. Mix and Match


When it comes to pink nail designs, it is never too much. Add your favorite prints and patterns and create one big fun nail art.

79. Topsy Turvy


This is another great example of how mismatched nail designs can look just as classy as typical patterns.

80. Black Palm


Matte pink shades look just as chic as the glitter bombs we are more used too. Change things up with this black and white palm tree accent nail.

81. Marble Your Heart


Can’t decide which color your love the most? Why not mix them all! This fun marbled paint is quirky and easy to do!

82. Sky Rockets


Add some starry romance on your nails thanks to this diagonal glitter ombre. The trick to achieving the “stars” on this nail design is some loose glitter, applied with clear nail polish.

83. Love Wins


Add some love and hearts to your nails to symbolize your love for yourself or your significant other.

84. Every Direction


Last but not the least is this sweet bohemian nail art complete with its own arrowheads. This simple nail design is perfect for every day.

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