8 Succulents Can Grow in Teacups and Coffee Mugs

Teacups and mugs aren’t not only for drink water but also to grow. However, they might not look like the first choice for growing plants, but they can serve as excellent little pots for your succulent and cacti plants. And in the post today we are so glad to share 8 succulents can grow in teacups and coffee mugs to make an interesting addition to your indoor garden. Check them out with us.

Taking them a look, you will see that they are so cute! Place them in your house, they will bright up your house more beautiful and vivid than before. Moreover, they are so easy to grow indoor without requiring a lot of care. Most of them adapt to all conditions. You can place them on desks, windowsills, tabletops anywhere you want.

#1 Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)

Jade plants grow slowly and stay small for a long time, which makes it an ideal choice. They will look perfect in small mugs!

#2 Zebra Plant (Haworthia Fasciata & Haworthia Attenuata)

It can stay between 3-4 inches tall and with its pointed green foliage patterned with white zebra stripes. This one is a perfect plant for growing in a cup.

#3 Echeveria (Echeveria)

Any type of echeveria will look adorable in contrasting cups. Place them at a cool and bright place, where they can receive ample morning sun and then indirect light the whole day.

#4 Cacti (Cactaceae)

Cacti are great choices for cute little teacups! They’re easy to grow, require no watering for a long time, and look absolutely stunning!

#5 Hens and Chicks (Hens and Chicks)

Hens and chicks varieties will do well in small planters like a coffee mug, but you’ll need to be careful about watering. Keep these at a warm and\ bright place for the best growth.

#6 Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe)

You can grow flowering kalanchoes in large coffee mugs. Save the plant from the harsh sun. It does best in partial sunlight.

#7 Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

You can grow dwarf and compact varieties of snake plant in a large teacup and place it by the windowsill!

#8 Bunny Ear Cactus (Opuntia Microdasys)

With bunny’s ears like pads, the plant is quite an attractive choice to go in tall coffee mugs. It’s a very easy-to-grow plant, give it a lot of sunlight and water prudently.

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