8 Best Foxtail Fern Landscaping Ideas

Use Foxtail Fern as Border Plant

Foxtail fern makes a perfect border for a flower bed or along a fence because of its height and feathery foliage.

It will create a beautiful and natural barrier between the lawn and other plants. Add some pebbles or rocks for a unique garden centerpiece.

Foxtail Fern Cluster Planting

Plant a lot of foxtail ferns to create a lush and tropical look. You can create clusters and separate them with grass, walkways, or rocks.

Foxtail Fern Rock Garden

via Matthew Giampietro Garden Design

Foxtail fern is a drought-tolerant plant thus making it suitable for dry areas and rock gardens. You can complement any rock formation with it and add green lush color to the area.

Foxtail Fern Grown In a Planter

via BLUE Renovation & Landscape

Foxtail ferns make great container plants because they are easy to grow, lush green, and can be grown in a variety of soils. They are also great for adding a natural touch to patios or decks.

Foxtail Fern As a Ground Cover

via Pearson Landscape Services

If you are looking for a more textured ground cover Foxtail fern is an excellent choice. With its lush foliage, it could hide ground imperfections or small rocks and weeds.

Layered Flower Bed With Foxtail Fern

via Eileen G Designs

Foxtail ferns can be a backdrop to other plants in your garden. They can be planted behind shorter plants to add height and interest to your garden. Plants in different heights can help you create layered landscaping.

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