52 Best Backyard Lighting Ideas For The Perfect Outdoor Retreat

Is your outdoors ready for the entertaining season?

If you wonder where to begin with the transformation, know that lighting does wonder! String lights, lanterns, mason jars or upcycled lamps and more can set a delightful atmosphere in the backyard after dark.

Keep reading and see the best backyard lighting ideas and designs that will make the backyard, the balcony or the porch not only lit but comfortable, appealing and unique.

1. Inlaid Path Lighting With Backlit Garden Boxes

Backlit Garden Planter Beds and Spotlights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

This idea features lighting that is not visible during the day. Hidden behind a rich garden bed, the uplighting reveals a dramatic effect, outlining the fence border and giving the garden a focus after dark.

via John Cullen Lighting

2. Lantern Holder Fence Posts

Backyard Lantern Post Candle Holders #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Lanterns are traditional farmhouse outdoor decor. Being functional and also very elegant, they find their place in contemporary homes that aim to create the welcoming atmosphere of the past times.

This lantern is suspended on a wooden post that gives it a height to be distinguishable from the surrounding decor. Inside there is a candle that works decoratively. However, it can be replaced with a LED candle or a real bulb to enlighten the plants at night.

3. Hanging Glass Fairy Light Holders

Battery Powered Fairy Lights in Glass Lanterns #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

These glass orbs look magical. String lights are inserted inside to look like holding a piece of the night sky. No batteries are needed as the string lights are solar-powered. The handle on the top of the jar makes it possible to hang the orbs on a tree branch or to hooks of the porch ceiling.

Setting more of these will ensure a better light effect with a whimsical nuance.

via Gardeners

4. Garland Lights Add Rustic Charm

Charmingly Rustic Minimalistic String Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Add a string of lights right above the dining outdoor area to set a comfortable atmosphere after dark. With two posts made of natural materials suspension of the string is easy and charming.

5. Art Piece Copper Wire Candle Holder

Creative Copper Wire Swirl Outdoor Candle Holder #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Adding lights to the outdoors doesn’t mean that they have to be large. Small candle jars with wire swirls are just the right size to be added to the porch or tree branches and enhance the entertaining vibe.

Place a tea candle inside or a LED candle if you want to be on the safer side. The beauty and delicacy of these jars please the eyes also in the daytime with the metallic copper luster and the ruby stones that embellish it.

6. Poolside Glass Gazing Ball

Dazzling Decorative Green Glass Fortune Ball #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Make the pool area more entertaining with a decorative glass ball that will spread glaze during the friend nights out! The sphere has a unique texture and color that also liven up space during the day.

7. Cottage Style Solar Powered Chandelier

DIY Solar Powered Chandelier Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Make your own solar-powered chandelier for the porch to give space a unique and eco-friendly light motif. Use the bulb parts of plain pot solar lights and a vintage chandelier. If you already have a chandelier, why not upgrade it. Just take the bulbs out and put the solar lights on.

The chandelier will be helpful during nights outside, especially if placed above the dining area.

8. DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Easy DIY Mason Jar Lanterns #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

These lanterns are inspired by the Tiki torch design. The long torch is replaced with a Mason jar filled with oil. The wick inserted inside the oil also protrudes through a hole in the lid to burn and make the party outside more unique.

This craft is very easy and takes less than 5 minutes. So if you are looking for a decoration to make a party more exciting, these outdoor lanterns are the best choice.

via The Frugal Homemaker

9. Colorful Jam Jar Votive Holders

Eclectic Multi-Colored Glass Votive Candle Jars #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

This is an easy idea of how to make the backyard terrific in the day and the night with affordable items from the Dollar store. The small glass candle holders are very cute and when grouped or put in a line, they easily become a focal point.

Place them along the porch railing or to the fence and watch them delicately illuminating the outdoors. Another place these candle lights can be used is the firepit to make the time spent outdoors warmer and cozier.

via Hello Glow

10. Cohesive Lighting Concept Elevates A Backyard Pergola

Elegant Well-Lit Backyard Dinner Party Pergola #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you have chosen to place the sitting set under a pergola, you will be enjoying the shade during the day. The pergola can be attractive at night with lighting.

A string of lights or lanterns can be suspended right over the table, pendants n the corner to enlighten the relaxing garden corner. For additional interest, add solar lights on both sides of a path leading to the pergola.

11. Quirky Fire Pit Shines With Fairy Lights

Flameless Fire Pit Fairy Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Having a fireplace instantly makes the atmosphere cozier and welcoming. Bring this motif outside in your own backyard without actually firing a flame. A similar effect can be stimulated with strings of yellow lights well-woven around real wood logs.

Put the logs in a metal container to set the nested fireplace close to the sitting area. It will not only become a dramatic night-time centerpiece but also a source of gentle light.

12. Chinese Lanterns Add Light and Whimsy

Fun and Simple Hanging Chinese Lanterns #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

These Chinese lanterns can be found in a solar-charged design and also only as a paper light accessory that can be attached to an existing light fixture.

Adding these cute lanterns in the backyard will instantly transform the area into a more festive spot. The cheerful shapes and colors will liven up the moods setting them to the summer vibe.

13. Crystal Gems Color Fairy Light Jars

Glowing and Green Twinkle Lights Lantern #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The design of this jar gives two options for usage- suspended in height or placed on a flat surface. The transparent glass reveals small crystal gems on the bottom that catch the light from a string of fairy lights.

As the sun goes down, the gentle light this whimsical jar spreads will become more visible and fascinating, spreading delicate green and blue shades.

14. Bumblebee Lights Illuminate Backyard Blooms

Golden and Glowing Backyard Bees Abuzz #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

These bumblebee lights will make the floral decor outside attractive even at night. Placed onto the stamen of the blooms, they glow in a rich yellow color that shows the petals of the flowers and also clearly outlines the cute bee figure.

15. Decorated Fairy Light Garden Trellises

Gorgeous and Glowing Garden Trellis with Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Upgrade the trellises with fairy lights to make them look amazing both day and night. The creeping leaves and flowers will be illuminated at night very gently and will create a night living and glowing tower.

This decoration can be given a dual function by placing the pots around the sitting area or the porch to act as a figurative fence.

via Gardeners

16. Illuminated Watering Can Garden Display

Gorgeous Watering Can Flowing with Lights Decoration #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

You can make unique lighting decor by repurposing vintage items. A tin watering can is attached to a wrought iron dowel to pour not water but strings of fairy lights.

Placed in a planter, this decor adds a point of interest with a unique design.

via Smart School House

17. Tree Hanging Grapevine Balls With Fairy Lights

Great Grapevine Balls Filled with Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you have a tree with a large crown, you can use the branches to create an enchanted forest. The grapevine balls can give the backyard an amazing rustic effect during the day but after dark, enjoying them won’t be possible.

So here is an idea, add twinkle lights to the balls and enjoy the special feeling of this nature-inspired ambiance. The grapevine balls can be added also to the pergola or the gazebo to make them also very special at night.

via Crafted by the Hunts

18. Lighted Lantern Spreads Intricate Pattern

Intricate and Ornate Outdoor Chinese Lantern #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The laser-cut shapes of this Chinese lantern will spread playful images on the adjacent surfaces at night. Adding it to the outdoors will add extra light and a focal point to enjoy.

19. Solar Powered Roses Light The Garden

Light Up the Night with Solar Roses #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

There are many varieties of solar lights but these are gorgeous. Being in the shape of roses, they are perfect to add to the garden. During the day, they blend with the flower bed and in the night they turn it alive again.

The light comes from the pink petals that set such a romantic ambiance.

20. Solar Stakes Light The Garden Path

Light Your Way with Staked Solar Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Solar lights are a preferred outdoor light solution because they are affordable, various in sizes and shapes. This particular design has been created to let people thrust them into the ground. They can illuminate a garden bed, a relaxing nook and also the pathway to the entrance of the house.

After the sun sets they will lead the way through the walkway with subdued light.

via Lights

21. Upscale Torches Add Chic Lighting

Long and Lean Glass Fluted Patio Torches #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Add a universal elegance to the flower beds with these metal torches. Inserted in the soil, they are tall enough to peek out the greenery. Set in a line, they create a symmetrical point of interest that complements the outdoor beauty without taking much space.

The light they spread is just enough to enjoy after dark. Their stylish design makes them a suitable addition to the decor of garden parties, weddings, special events.

via Gardeners

22. Solar Powered Glowing Planters For Your Flowers

Magical Glowing Flower Garden Planters #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

We saw glowing flowers and now it is time to admire the glowing planters. Indeed, there are such and they look amazing! Being very large, they can accommodate a big pot of blooming flowers.

They are solar-powered and even though glow quite intensively. Place them on the lawn or next to other large pots to create a surprising effect.

23. Easy Outdoor Torches From Mason Jars

Mason Jar Back Porch Tiki Torch #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If your outdoor space is affected by the farmhouse style, the Mason jar tiki torches are the perfect light addition. Get a tiki torch set and a Mason jar to create a charming glass light.

If you are having a party in the yard, prepare more of these and set them next to the entertaining zones to illuminate and to add a festive feeling.

via Lilies and Loafers

24. Line Your Steps With Candle Holders

Matte Charcoal Black Low Profile Candle Basins #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Another spot of your home that will become more appealing and welcoming simply by adding lighting is the staircase. The stacked positioning of candle holders will set a point of interest with a romantic relaxing vibe.

The modern charcoal black surface of the holders enhances the metal railing and gives a modern vibe to the natural wood of the steps. When the dark comes, they will start their function as a guide to the front door.

via Passion Shake

25. Moroccan Lanterns Add An Exotic Flair

Moroccan Inspired Lantern Step Lighting #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a more authentic, even exotic outdoor effect, add a group of metal lanterns. The laser-cut shapes of these show Morrocan elements that will be reflected on the adjacent surfaces as the night comes.

The various sizes and the stacked positioning additionally increases the charming glowing effect.

26. Logs Lit From Within Afford Lighted Seating

Natural Illuminated Log Pathway Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a light fixture to blend with the naturalistic exterior of your backyard, try these illuminating logs. During the day you will never recognize that they are light sources.

You would rather use them to have a rest, like a stool. In the night they transform into an amazing backyard highlighter spreading light from the cracks.

via Helen Edwards Writes

27. Cottage Chic DIY Tealight Chandelier

Outdoor Hanging Tealight Candle Chandelier #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

This chandelier has been made out of simple materials. The combination between them and the addition of sand on the bottom makes the creation unique.

Glass jars are suspended on a round grater with thin chains. Above the sand layer that keeps them upright a tea light burns.

Having a wire handle on the top, this nautical chandelier can be hung on the pergola to give light over the dining set or on a tea branch to illuminate a relaxing nook in the backyard.

28. Tree-Hung String Lights Add Ambience To A Seating Area

Outdoor Seating Under Tree String Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

This outdoor area fascinates with its design and variety of entertainment corners. A dining area consists of a picnic set where family and friends can eat and talk quietly. In the farthest end, there are lounges where relaxation is ensured.

The warm feeling is set by the fireplace and the numerous outdoor lighting sources on all levels- in-ground lights spread light at the periphery while the strings of lights around the tree crown take care of the light over the outdoor living space.

via NY Times

29. Outdoor Candle Chandelier Adds Illuminated Elegance

Painted Black Classic Candle Chandelier for Outdoors #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The porch can easily become cozier by adding a traditional candle chandelier. In case the color doesn’t fit the interior, you can easily repaint the metal surface and enjoy the enhanced elegance of your outdoor nook.

Choose between plain candles or LED ones and lit them at night to set the mood for romance and quiet conversations.

via In My Own Style

30. Hanging Glass Moroccan Lanterns Bring Color And Light

Pretty Purple Hanging Moroccan Lanterns #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Enhance the accentuating color of the outdoor living space with purple glass lanterns. If there is a pergola or ceiling, you can suspend them to, they will add the accent on the vertical level, achieving a great effect.

31. DIY Wine Bottle Torches

Recycled DIY Glass Bottle Torches #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The set for the Tiki torch can be used in any glass container. An alternative to the Mason jars is the wine bottle. Next time the bottle is empty, don’t throw it away but save it for this unique fence lighting idea.

via Design Sponge

32. Hanging Planters With Solar Lights Add Soft Lighting

Repurposed Planters Reimagined Solar Pendant Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

In case you have hanging baskets for flower pots left empty and unused, here is an idea of how to give them a new application.

Group them on a fence post or the yard gate and place a solar light inside. They will become alive when the sun sets to improve your home’s curb appeal in the dark.

via Grandma’s House DIY

33. Edison Bulb Strings Give Retro Vibe

Retro Outdoor Edison Bulb Light Strands #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The Edison-style bulbs will never go out of style. They are evergreen outdoor lighting which will make the backyard more welcoming for outdoor barbeque or friends’ gatherings.

The strings go across the whole yard creating layers of light that will extend the hours spent outside.

via Ashley Brooke Designs

34. Brighten Your Path With Traditional Rope Lights

Rope Light Gravel Pathway Illumination #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The outdoor lighting can be used as a source of illumination and as a means to accentuate an element. For example, suitable lighting to trace out a garden bed, a rock garden or a water feature is the rope light.

In the daylight, people will barely see it and that makes its effect even greater.

via Christmas Lights

35. Natural Grapevine Twinkle Lights With Paper Lanterns

Rustic Grapevine and Chinese Lantern Garland #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Another nature-inspired outdoor lighting idea features using the grapevine in its authentic look, without twisting it into shapes. Being long and strong it will securely hold Chinese paper lanterns and strings of twinkling lights.

The effect is simple but very stunning at night.

via Style Me Pretty

36. Easy Mason Jar Candle Holder Light Wall

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holders #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

A simple idea to add lighting to the fence is to attach Mason jars holding candles to it. Just weave twine around the neck and suspend on a nail.

For greater interest, suspend the candle holders at different heights.

37. Fairy Light Fence Topper

Simple Fenceline Christmas Light Illumination #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

This idea proves that part of the Christmas lights can stay all year long. Strings of twinkling lights trace the top of the fence creating a layer of light.

The bulbs are so many and the layer so thick that the illumination is strong enough to make staying under comfortable at night.

38. Versatile Mason Jar Candles Can Be Hung Anywhere

Simple Mason Jar Backyard Lighting Ideas #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

As we are trying to give you many options to make your outdoor space more appealing, we have tried to collect the easiest to make outdoor lighting ideas.

Therefore, the Mason jars come in help again. Add votive candles inside and form wire handles to suspend them from tree branches.

via A Piece of Rainbow

39. Patio Mounted String Lights Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Simple Outdoor Light Strand Patio Upgrade #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Upgrade a small nook from your backyard with one string of lights. Insert a metal dowel in the ground to tie one of the ends to and the other fix to the house roof.

This easy idea will create a small lighting arch that will attract attention at night.

via Jessica Welling Interiors

40. Solar Path Lighting With Backlit Trees

Simple Solar Brick Pathway Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Solar the pathway in your garden to make it visible at night and more interesting in the day. Insert the lights on either side of the walkway and watch them spreading smooth light.

This is an affordable yard decoration that will last for many years taking care of your comfort and for the environment, too.

41. Solar Roses Illuminated Wind Chime

Single Stem Rose Light Unique Wind Chime #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

A set of glowing roses has been turned into a rainbow outdoor light. Each stem rose glows in a different color. When placed into a glass bottle, the colored light becomes more intense.

Suspend the jars in one line or in an interesting hanging pattern to create amazing outdoor lighting.

42. Wall Mounted Lantern Light

Sleek and Modern Silver Lantern Patio Light #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a more elegant backyard light fixture, there are modern lanterns that will add a modern vibe. There are designs in silver, copper or black metal finish to match your taste and decor.

Add them to the fence or the porch wall as a framing of the front door.

via Porch Day Dreamer

43. Fairy Light Jars Can Be Used In Any Space

Sparkling and Pretty Fairy Light Filled Jar #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Make a centerpiece for the outdoor table with a glass har and fairy lights. Simply insert the string of lights inside the jar and close it. The glass will capsulate the light and will make it more intense.

This idea is simple, affordable and perfect for outdoor parties.

via Girls Build Club

44. Bold Solar Chandelier Adds A Vibrant Pop Of Color

Stunning Solar Bright Red Backyard Chandelier #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The solar chandelier can become more attractive if it is painted in a bold color. This one is suspended on a tree branch and if it wasn’t the dramatic red color, it would have been noticed only in the night when the lights turn on.

via All Things New Again

45. Upgraded Lantern Style Solar Lighting

Tall Cube Mosaic Pattern Outdoor Solar Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The design of these outdoor lanterns is very chic. The shape of the traditional lantern is upgraded with laser-cut sides mimicking stones.

That makes them perfect to trace a walkway with. Another upgrade of the standard lantern is the use of a solar-powered bulb which is economic and eco-friendly.

46. Adorn Your Trees With Fairy Light Strings

Tree Trunks Wrapped in String Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

In case there are many trees in your backyard, use them to create a light screen. Wrap strings of lights around them and see them work in the night. The lit area will surely become your favorite outdoor spot for summer nights.

47. Twinkle Lights Illuminate Tropical Trees

Tropical Trees Trimmed with Twinkling Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The strings of lights can be woven around the entire height of the tree trunk. Even the palm trees and other tropical kinds will look amazing as a light source at night.

via Plow and Hearth

48. Backlit Planter Bench With Candle Accents

Upscale Outdoor Seating Bench Lit by Candles #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

If you need additional light on the patio, you can do it with many candles. To be on the safe side, place them in glass containers. There are other suitable holders with a rattan finish that are particularly made for outdoor lighting.

Add candles on the decking, on the table, if there is a tree above, to its branches and make the outdoors comfortable and cozy.

49. Rustic Ladder Hanging Bulb Display

Vintage Ladder Hanging Light Bulb Strand #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Adding the strings of bulbs to a wooden ladder will create unique vintage outdoor lighting. It is of a size that fits between two branches of a large tree.

This type of large light fixture is perfect for setting above a dining area or a relaxing nook where people need comfort to extend the number of hours spent outside.

via ID Lights

50. DIY Wagon Wheel Chandelier With Mason Jars and Crystal

Wagon Wheel Mason Jar and Crystal Chandelier #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

The wagon wheel is repurposed into the support for a Mason jar outdoor chandelier. The combination between this farmhouse element and the rustic glass jars creates a unique outdoor decor.

Draping crystals throughout the chandelier will give it a luxury effect that can make this lighting perfect for outdoor parties like weddings.

51. Varying String Lights Add Whimsy To A Backyard Grotto

Whimsical Garden Grotto with String Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

Use different outdoor lights to create a whimsical outdoor atmosphere. Mason jars, glass candle holders, strings of twinkling lights, Chinese lanterns create a one-of-a-kind combination.

via Hildur Blad

52. Repurposed Spindle Candle Holders

White and Wooden Spindle Outdoor Candle Stand #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

These spindles have once been parts of furniture. They are of different heights and curved shapes but their style and the white color unite them to look like a set.

Place a short beam over the spindle to create a basis for the candle. These posts can be placed anywhere you wish to enhance the light at night or to give an outdoor nook a dramatic rustic vibe.

via Home Road

53. String Lights Add Ambiance To A Backyard Deck

Year-Round Backyard Deck String Lights #backyardlightingideas #decorhomeideas

You can outline the boundaries of your porch by draping strings of lights. Insert metal poles at equal distance in the ground and use them to stretch the strings on.

The idea is very simple and affordable but it promises a great effect on the curb appeal of your property.

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