45 Landscaping Ideas to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Retreat

Spending your free time in your backyard with friends and family can lead to some of the best memories of a lifetime.

While most of the backyard landscape features can be focused on entertaining, it’s important to also create a place of solitude right outside your back door.

Let’s cover some of the best ways to relax on your property so you won’t feel the need to get away from it all – the opportunity to enjoy a mini-staycation anytime, in a space that’s perfect for you.

Creating a relaxing outdoor retreat doesn’t mean simply adding a comfy chair to a corner of your patio. As with any other landscape design, there needs to be a space dedicated to relaxation.

Dedicate a space for relaxation in the part of your backyard that makes you feel the most relaxed. There will be a particular connection to this place, so definitely use your gut instinct to tell you where it is going to be best.

This space should be away from the main patio, which can be a busy space.

A side yard is a perfect opportunity to create a tiny sanctuary complete with a privacy fence or living wall, a hammock or cushioned lounge chair, and soothing fountain. This will be especially welcome if you have teenage kids.



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