43 Ideas Balcony Design, Relax in the Natural Breeze

Today we have some good ideas to present. It is an idea to make a balcony. Beautiful in many styles, which we make a balcony to sit and relax in front of the house will help make the atmosphere of the house more pleasant and more beautiful, suitable for relaxing which today on the page we have gathered 43 ideas of beautiful balcony in many styles. We hope that you will find one that is suit for your favorite.

Ideas to add a relaxing corner “Balcony”

A concrete balcony with bench for relaxing.

Add a relaxing space and decorate your home at the same time.

A nice balcony to use must have an incentive to come out and see.

The practical balcony size should be wide enough so that a chair can be placed to relax.

The corner that is the balcony must choose a good view, looking out at the beautiful outside area.

Balcony must choose materials that are strong, durable and can withstand the heat from sunlight and rain well.

Hardwood may be selected to withstand the outside environment. But real wood has disadvantages, which is quite difficult to maintain.

At present, most houses prefer to use materials instead of wood made from fiber cement materials.

The choice of location is another important condition by choosing based on the usage behavior of each family.

For example, for people who like to sit on the balcony in the morning can choose from any direction. Because the morning light is not very hot and is beneficial to the body.

But if you are a late riser, like to sit on the balcony for a long time, choose west or south. It will help to use the balcony in the morning longer.

As for those who like to sit on the balcony in the afternoon or evening. Suitable for the north or east balcony. The afternoon light was very hot.

Or if necessary, keep it in that direction. The balcony should be designed to have a roof covering and a long overhang to reduce the sunlight that shines in.

Modern style balcony with metal railing and benches.

Credit: Pinterest

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