38 Ideas to Create a Private “Relaxation Corner” Close to Nature

Outdoor living spaces create the perfect opportunity to decompress after a long, tiring day. What could sound more appealing than sitting in the warm sun and enjoying the breeze after being stuck indoors all day.

Try listening to the gentle sounds of nature or take notice of blooming flowers. Partake in bird watching with your children. Enjoy a good book in the peace and serenity of your own back yard.

So now that we established that a tranquil setting is good for your health, finding such a place can be somewhat of a task in this busy and urban growing environment we all live in, especially one that is nearby and not itself overcrowded or that we even feel comfortable in.

It’s not as hard as you think. Take a walk around your property both the perimeter and the area as a whole and envision what you wish to accomplish. This could be done by simply installing a water feature or small pond. Maybe a Japanese Zen garden with decorative stone and decor.

Credit: Pinterest

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