38 Beautiful Garden Ideas for Narrow & Small Spaces

This era where everyday life has to face pollution every day. Turning to plant some trees is not a bad idea either. Because besides you have beautiful things let’s see each other enjoy without getting bored. It also helps to add green to the world as well. Besides landscaping around the house, Sometimes we want to have a beautiful garden to admire in the house. It would be nice if the area in the house can be a natural garden corner as well.

Brown gravel and large rough stone paths with some grasses growing between.

Stylish garden path with white pebbles contrasting with the surrounding greenery.

Greenery, white pebbles, rocks and lantern for creating a lovely Japanese space.

Lovely and chic Japanese-inspired look.

Modern style side yard.

Decorate the walk paths with shrubs and small plants.

Brighten up the space with lanterns and add a modern touch with chic concrete potted plants.

Green lawn, shrubs and a large tree for a lush front yard.

Lovely rock garden with bright blooms.

Greenery and bright blooms growing in between, they refresh and brighten up the garden.

A small and bright garden nook with pebbles, greenery, bright blooms, and shrubs.

Pebbles, rocks, stone paths, greenery and a Japanese-style stone lantern for a cozy feel.

Pebbles, shrubs and plants will make your outdoor space super inspiring and calming.

Large rock tiles, greenery, rocks and a tree for a Japanese feel.

A small lush garden nook with lots of greenery, shrubs, some trees and tropical plants.

A small garden with a lawn some shrubs and trees.

A small rock garden with tropical plants, some shrubs and small trees.

A small garden with white and brown pebbles, rocks, plants and lantern for creating a Japanese vibe.

A lush garden with lots of greenery, shrubs and tropical plants.

Credit : fb/Make Ga Chef

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