30 Lovely & Functional Small Terrace Design Ideas

If you have a small terrace and think that it can’t look fantastic, you are so wrong! A small terrace can become a cozy nook with a comfy design in the style you like – minimalist, boho-chic, traditional or Scandinavian.

Put there a bench or just a comfy chair, add some green plants to the walls and floor, a tiny table (or a wooden stub instead) and several lanterns and candles – and voila, your cozy terrace is ready!

A rug and a pouf is also a great idea in case the space allows it. The thing that will add even more coziness is a portable fireplace, so don’t hesitate to buy one. Look at the ideas below and get some inspiration!

When decorating a small terrace in any style, the first thing you need to find is proper furniture. It should be stylish, space-saving and multifunctional, as much as possible.

Try folding furniture, go for smaller scale units or just one big seating piece.

Don’t clutter your terrace – use only those piece that you need, and go for furniture with additional storage spaces – built-in benches with some space inside and ottomans and coffee tables with storage space or shelves.

Hang some shelving units on the walls if you need them – they will save much floor space, which is precious.


Credit: Pinterest

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