30 Cute Easter Nails to Inspire You

Easter is just around the corner, and there’s no better way to get into this happy springtime holiday than with cute Easter nails. Cute chicks, bunnies, eggs, and the pretty pastel colors of Easter – all the elements of a lovely Easter manicure are in there.

But more than that, you need some of the best inspiration to create the happiest Easter mani ever. Just in time, we’ve compiled some amazing Easter mani ideas that you’ll instantly love for these fabulous holiday inspirations.

1. Hand-painted cute bunnies and chicks are the first choices for Easter mani, and DIY nails have a more festive atmosphere.




2. The following ideas on how to design and paint your own unique Easter nails can give you some tips.





3. The round chicks and bunnies are the cutest little Easter mani animals.



4. Gorgeous pastel bunnies and egg nails are the most festive style for Easter.




5. These cute and minimalist Easter nails below will give you different inspiration. This fresh Japanese style nail art is stunning.



6. Incorporate the lovely eggshell style into all of your Easter mani designs. Your nails will be filled with Easter vibes.




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