30 Best Houseplants To Place In Your Living Rooms

You want to own a stunning living room with a lively living room from the cool space of green foliage but not a blank white brick wall. Look no further more because you are in the right place. Especially, if you are a nature lover, surely you won’t ignore the post today, and here is a collection of 30 Best Houseplants To Place In Your Living Rooms that you will fall in love with, and your guest also will love so much. Exploring them out with us!

Each has its own fascinating and unique beauty. Apart from providing you green living space and helping you a chance to be closer to nature, they also have other great features. For example, these plants are easy to grow, they can adapt to any condition quickly without requiring care lot. And they just require to take a little space that is enough to brighten up your any space such as tabletops, desk, windowsill, even the corner. No matter where they are placed, they’ll and add more appeal to your interior. So, it is great if you spend a suitable place to set them in your living room!

#1 Peace Lily

Image Credits: Patchplants

#2 Chinese Money Plant

Image Credits: My Garden Life

#3 Orchid

Image Credits: Justaddiceorchids

#4 Pothos

Image Credits: My City Plants

#5 ZZ Plant

Image Credits: My City Plants

#6 Wax Plant

Image Credits: Lazyflora

#7 Rubber Plant

Image Credits: The Spruce

#8 Prayer Plant

Image Credits: Plantssparkjoy

#9 Peperomia

Image Credits: Bhg

#10 English Ivy

Image Credits: Bhg

#11 Begonia

Image Credits: Instagram

#12 African Violet

Image Credits: Growjoy

#13 Chinese Evergreen

Image Credits: Whiteflowerfarm

#14 African Mask Plant

Image Credits: Handyandysnursery

#15 Snake Plant

Image Credits: Bunches

#16 Air Plants

Image Credits: Bhg

#17 Aloe Vera

Image Credits: Wikihow

#18 Bromeliad

Image Credits: Costafarms

#19 Jade Plant

Image Credits: Indiagardening

#20 Wandering Jew

Image Credits: Bhg

#21 Bird of Paradise

Image Credits: Leonandgeorge

#22 Elephant Ear Plant

Image Credits: Thegoodplantco

#23 Swiss Cheese Plant

Image Credits: Fast Growing Trees

#24 Guiana Chestnut

Image Credits: The Spruce

#25 Anthurium

Image Credits: Justaddiceorchids

#26 Fern

Image Credits: Metaefficient

#27 False Castor Plant

Image Credits: Crocus

#28 Palm

Image Credits: The Spruce

#29 Paper Reed

Image Credits: Centerofthewebb

#30 Corn Plant

Image Credits: My City Plants

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