30 Best Beautiful Blue Flowers To Grow In Your Containers

When it comes to the flower world, each has its own beauty as well as different meaning, and its colors too! Have you ever seen blue flowers? Blue is the color of calmness and serenity, the symbol of the endless sky and ocean. Having blue color blossoms in your garden will add positive vibes while bringing a lot of appeal to your landscape. That is the reason why in this post today, we are so glad to share the 30 best beautiful blue flowers that you will fall in love with when staying in front of their great color. What is more, you can grow them easily in your container to make the most space you have.

Taking them a look, they are so pretty, right? They not only create an elegant focal point to your garden but also help you have a chance to closer to nature. Owing to a mini container garden as you want is quite simple because most of them are easy to grow. Like other flowers and plants, they also need basic care such as the sun, soil, water, and these problems are given detailed information under our pictures. After reading them, we believe that you will choose your favorite blue flowers and ready to grow them with useful knowledge.

#1 Aster

Image Credits: Gardenerspath

Aster flower blooms in summer and fall. It prefers a climate with cool summers, and in hot climates, the plant can be grown as an annual.

#2 Hydrangea

Image Credits: Gardeningknowhow

The hydrangea grows well in temperate and moderately warm climates. It loves moring sine with shade in the afternoon and moist and well-drained soil.

#3 Blue Daisy

Image Credit: Decorhomeideas

Blue Daisy offers beautiful sky blue flowers with a yellow center. Grow this flower in well-drained soil under full sun.

#4 Dwarf Morning Glory

Image Credits: Pinterest

Dwarf Morning Glory can be grown in containers, hanging baskets. Its sky blue flowers are true blue make it looks so attractive.

#5 Japanese Gentian

Image Credits: Decorhomeideas

Japanese Gentian displays deep blue upturned trumpet-shaped flowers with mat-like foliage. It’s a great plant to grow in both your containers and gardens.

#6 Plumbago

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Plumbago just needs basic needs with providing full sun and water moderately. It can be trained to grow vertical and looks so fascinating when in bloom.

#7 Balloon Flower

Image Credits: Raingardenartsblog

Growing the balloon flower is easy in pots. Keep the plant in a spot that receives full sun but shade in the afternoon.

#8 Pincushion Flower

Image Credits: Servescape

Pincushion Flower needs full sun for its growth. They are low maintenance and have a very long flowering season.

#9 Blue Fan Flower

Image Credits: Decorhomeideas

You can grow the blue fan flower in your containers or hanging baskets in well-draining soil under full sun to partial shade

#10 Forget-me-Not

Image Credits: Farmersalmanac

Forget-me-Not has bright green leaves and small blue flowers with a yellow eye that makes it look perfect in pots.

#11 Rose of Sharon

Image Credits: Artofit

Rose of Sharon is perfect for growing a container of different sizes from medium to large because they can grow up to 8-10 feet tall on the ground.

#12 Salvia

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Salvia prefers to receive full sun. Keep in mind that the plant needs the soil moist and well-drained.

#13 Bellflower

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

This flower is available in pink, violet, white, and blue colors. You can grow it in small to medium-sized containers and hanging baskets.

#14 Summer Snapdragon

Image Credits: Plantaddicts

Summer Snapdragon is available in colors like pink, white, red, purple, and especially blue. It has a long blooming period and is easy to grow in a container.

#15 Blue Phlox

Image Credits: Florensis

Blue phlox features fragrant lavender-blue or powder blue flowers in spring. Growing them in containers under partial shade in humusy, moist, well-draining soil.

#16 Geranium

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Geranium is low maintenance and suitable for container planting. You can even grow it in hanging baskets and window boxes.

#17 Lily of the Nile

Image Credits: Pinterest

Lily of the Nile has spherical clusters of funnel-shaped blue flowers that can brighten up your garden or indoor space. It is drought tolerant and needs moderate watering.

#18 Viola/Pansy

Image Credits: Goodlifeofdesign

Viola/Pansy come in almost every color, and you can easily find a variety in the shade of blue.

#19 Virginia Bluebells

Image Credits: Americanmeadows

Virginia Bluebells has stunning clusters of baby blue flowers that are loved by both bees and butterflies. Growing it in pots under the dappled sun or partial shade.

#20 Grape Hyacinth

Image Credits: Jparkers.co.uk

Grape Hyacinth offers beautiful blue color and looks like a miniature hyacinth. Easy to grow in containers under full sun or partial shade and water moderately.

#21 Beth’s Blue

Image Credits: Garden.org

Beth’s Blue provides a profusion of star-shaped blue flowers with a yellow center. Growing it in containers, use well-drained soil and place the pots in full sun to partial shade.

#22 Delphinium

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Delphinium grows well in a medium to small size container. It has a true rare blue color.

#23 Iris

Image Credits: Flickr

Iris prefers sunny spots and water frequently but only when it needs.

#24 Clematis

Image Credits: Gardenersworld

You can easily grow Clematis in a large container with full sun, water well.

#25 Lobelia

Image Credits: Crocus

You can grow lobelia in small containers, spilled flower pots, and hanging baskets.

#26 Swan River Daisy

Image Credits: Decorhomeideas

Swan River Daisy forms stunning blossoms and combines well with other flowers to make a fun pop color in your container.

#27 Sea Holly

Image Credits: Coolgarden.me

The flower is an ideal choice for those who love blue blooms during summer. It can thrive to 6-18 inches tall in sandy soil under full sun.

#28 Cornflower (Bachelor’s Button)

Image Credits: Balconygardenweb

Cornflower is wildflower but it is an excellent addition to your container garden.

#29 Himalayan Blue Poppy

Image Credits: Garden Manage

Himalayan Blue Poppy shines with large cool blue flowers and hairy leaves. It has a stunning array of yellow centers that pairs gorgeously with the outer petals.

#30 Columbine

Image Credits: Hgvt

Columbine has a beautiful bell-shaped blue-white flower with yellow stamen floating on dark green foliage that turns maroon in fall, it looks adorable in containers. It prefers full sun but doesn’t like too hot summer days.

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