28 Stunning Pebble Landscapes To Make Your Yard A Perfect Spot

Do you want to make your garden beautiful for the warm season, you are at the right spot! Here we are going to show you the most inspiring ideas with pebbles!

Get creative with these fantastic pebble landscapes that are easy to maintain and will add more beauty and aesthetics to your garden.

Let’s take a look at 28 Stunning Pebble Landscapes To Make Your Yard A Perfect Spot.

Flower Stream On A Pebble Garden Bed

To give the flower bed a contrast to stand out, create a bed from white small pebbles.

Cover the entire soil with pebbles to limit the weeds’ growth and to ensure a contrasting background.

Dry Creek With White Pebbles

You can mimic the natural curls of a creek with lining or a pond bed. Cover with white pebbles the “creek.”

To create a contrast, cover the adjacent soil with grey gravel.

Dry Stream With Two Color Pebbles

You can create a dry stream without flowers. Use two colors of pebbles to define the creek from the adjacent ground.

Curved Garden Edge With Small White Pebbles

White small pebbles are great for a garden bed а beautifully curved shape and a point of interest.

Bed Around A Tree With Pebbles

If you have oriental grass, shrubs or trees, you can use the pebbles to emphasize them.

Surround them with one color of pebbles and then outline their bed with another color of gravel.

Kidney-shaped Garden Bed With Pebbles

The kidney-shaped garden beds create an interesting landscape touch when made from two colors of pebbles.

Use one of the colors to mimic a creek and the other one to fill the kidney-shaped bed.

Corner Garden With Pebbles

If you don’t have a large garden but want to enjoy nature’s beauty closer to your home, you can make a small garden bed on the patio.

Place pots with varieties of plants you like and cover them with pebbles that will hide the containers.

Dry River With Pebbles And Stones

This garden corner is dedicated to a dry river made of three types of rocks.

The basis is brown gravel which set a neutral but contrasting background for the dry river. It is shaped with white small pebbles standing within the limits of large stones.

Mulch And Pebble Garden Bed

Mulch and pebbles look amazingly together. There are many garden bed ideas with this combination.

Usually, the pebbles are used to contrast the planted area and give the bed an exciting shape.

Garden Bed With Pebbles, River Rocks And Mulch

This garden bed uses three elements to look so elegant and impactful.

These are river rocks, white pebbles and brown gravel. Each of them fills a dedicated section of the garden bed.

Zen Garden With White Pebbles

Pebbles are great if you are looking for affordable material for an Asian-inspired garden.

Create A Small Flower Garden With Pebbles

If you can’t afford to maintain a big flower garden, you can create a small one that will make a lovely visual interest in the front yard of your home.

Garden In between Walkways With Grey And White Pebbles

If you want to make a beautiful garden between the walkways of your yard, you can combine evergreen shrubs with pebbles and gravel.

Use the colors of the stones to create aesthetic shapes.

Succulent Mini Garden With Pebbles

Small pebbles look great in combination with succulents.

You can make a small garden in a flower pot. Covering the soil with pebbles will ensure good drainage and lovely contrast for the green succulents.

Ornamental Edging Garden With Pebbles

Make the exterior of your home appealing for all passers-by with a garden edge that is so easy to maintain!

Planting it with flowers will require regular weeding, but if you cover the soil with pebbles and gravel, you will limit their growth! Use various colors to create beautiful shapes that will improve the garden’s interest.

Modern Front Garden With Small Pebbles

Pebbles are very popular in landscaping designs.

This is a small garden bed idea with bromeliads and pebbles and gravel. The corner fountain makes the overall look very relaxing and exotic.

Small Garden With Flexible Garden Edging, Pebbles and Different Plank Varieties

Flexible garden edging is great for DIY landscape ideas like the one here. A small part of the lawn is transformed into a whimsy flower garden.

Pebbles cover the beds of the evergreens while the soil where flowers are planted remains uncovered.

Create A Pattern With Pebbles

This is another way to create a pattern for the garden bed. Use short logs, pavers, river rocks or another material to outline the garden bed shape.

Lay a lining on the ground and then fill it with pebbles.

Garden Bed with Pebbles and Pavers

Pavers coordinate well with white pebbles and you can use them to create a focal point in your landscape.

The handmade work perfectly aligns the pebbles along the paver edge.

Front Porch Garden With Mulch And Pebbles

This is a very easy DIY garden landscape idea that will make the front yard appealing and welcoming.

A small area of the yard is transformed into a garden bed. Half of it is covered with mulch, the other with small white pebbles. Both are curved to mimic the shape of a creek.

Tiered Garden Bed Idea With Pebbles

Pebbles are helpful for gardens where drought-resistant plants live. Succulents and ornamental grass are planted on two levels created with box-shaped planters.

The planters stay tightly to the walls to add an aesthetic natural touch to the exterior.

Fence Edge Garden With Pebbles And Flower Pots

This is a great idea to add a garden next to the fence! It requires minimum maintenance and looks gorgeous.

Prepare identical flower pots and flowers, some white pebbles and pavers for its border.

Pebble Garden Idea

Your lawn will look maintained and as if taken from a landscape magazine if you transform it into a pebble garden.

Choose succulent varieties that will feel well in the pebble environment and two or three colors of pebbles to create a unique surface pattern.

Yard Edge With Pebbles

Pebbles can create a border between the yard and the fence. Usually, this is an edging of soil. To limit the growth of weeds, cover the soil with pebbles.

Edge Garden With Grey Pebbles And Stone Pavers

The contour of this house is emphasized with a stylish rock garden. The shape is perfectly straight, repeating the exterior line of the walls.

The tones are grey to maintain the modern monochrome look.

Drought Tolerant Garden Idea

This idea uses pebbles to create a border between the draught-tolerant garden and the walkway.

Their grey color coordinates with the walkway’s stone tiles to create a modern landscape feature.

Pebble Garden With Flower Pots

The edging garden here features a surface covered with tiny white pebbles. They stop the growth of weeds and grass and set a perfectly maintained backdrop for beautiful flower pots.

Decorative Pebbles As Walkway Surface

In this idea, decorative pebbles are used to cover the ground for a walkway built from concrete slabs.

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