28 Creative Indoor Succulent Planter Ideas to Brighten Your Space

Succulents are the most loved plant varieties by beginners and professionals in gardening. This isn’t surprising at all! In addition to being easy to care for, they also make the interior more contemporary and whimsy.

The decorative look of all of the succulent types has turned them into popular indoor plants. To match their look, you need to find the best indoor planters for them. Such that will make them stand out and will enhance their character.

This is what we have thought about- how to include the succulents creatively in your home décor. Check out the Best Indoor Succulent Planter Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Space!

1. Mixed Pots Succulent Garden

Mixed Pots Succulent Garden

Create an appealing indoor garden with a few succulent pots grouped in an interesting arrangement. Use small stools, stacked books and other repurposed stands to give the arrangement height and interest.

via Planete Deco

2. Chalk-painted Mason Jars

Chalk-painted Mason Jars succulent planters

If you have a collection of Mason jars, you can turn them into succulent planters. Give the jars a bright embellishment with chalk paints and distress the protruding letters with sandpaper for a subtle vintage touch.

via Lolly Jane

3. Vintage Dish Garden

Vintage Dish Garden

If you have an old dishware set, you can repurpose it into your new vintage dish garden with succulents. It will look great as a kitchen or dining table centerpiece.

via A Cultivated Nest

4. Embellished Terra Cotta Pots

Embellished Terra Cotta Pots

This is an easy and affordable indoor succulent planter idea. The plain terra cotta pots are canvases to imprint your own taste and match them with the interior.

5. Free-standing Succulent Planter

Free-standing Succulent Planter

Has the candle in the jar already finished? Then you already have on hand a planter for this great free-standing décor piece.

Assemble the wooden frame with reclaimed wood slats and wrap the candle holder with twine. Leave the ends long enough to tie the planter to the frame.

6. Wine Bottle Planters

Wine Bottle Planters

If you are a wine lover, then you can quickly save two or three wine bottles. Wonder why? To upcycle them into fantastic succulent planters.

The most difficult part of this DIY succulent planter idea is to cut the wine bottles where the plants will stay.

7. Succulent Plants In A Baking Tray

Succulent Plants In A Baking Tray

For this succulent planter idea, you need a nice-looking baking pan. Fill the bottom with soil, plant the chosen succulents and then cover the top soil with mulch.

Your cute succulent garden is ready to be displayed.

via Elsar Blog

8. Succulents In Repurposed Items

Succulents In Repurposed Items

Any holder or item having a slot can be repurposed into a succulent planter.

The size of the succulents is favorable to insert them in tiny spaces and create a whimsy garden. You can use cake stands, baking trays, seashells, candle holders, etc.

9. Glasses With Succulents and Pebbles

Glasses With Succulents and Pebbles
Any glass item can be repurposed into a succulent planter. Check this cute shelf arrangement where vintage books are surrounded by succulents in glasses filled with pebbles.

via Good Housekeeping

10. House Number With Incorporated Succulent Planter

House Number With Incorporated Succulent Planter

This is an inspiring idea of how to combine functionality and decoration in one. The house number plaque is equipped with a small container where you can add any flower you like. Well, succulents look quite stylish, don’t they?

via A Beautiful Mess

11. Tiny Succulent Planters

Tiny Succulent Planters

These resin dogs come in a set of two to bring joy to their owners. Despite their small size, there is a dedicated space to put a tiny succulent pot.

via Amazon

12. Vertical Succulent Planter

Vertical Succulent Planter

This is not just a planter, this is an entire garden of planters where you can fulfill your dream of a succulent collection.
The vertical garden is entirely DIY with a plywood sheet and pine planks for the pots.

via East Coast Creative

13. Cute Pots Repurposed Into Succulent Planters

Cute Pots Repurposed Into Succulent Planters

Condiment dishes and cute bowls work great as succulent planters. To prepare them for their new role, you need to cover the bottom with pebbles or pea gravel which will take care of the drainage.

via Eighteen 25

14. Wine Cork Planters

Wine Cork Planters

This tiny succulent planter idea will create a point of interest in your interior! Wine corks are repurposed into planters by hollowing out their center where the succulent will be planted.

To hang the wine cork planters to the vertical surface, you can use nails, glue or magnets.

15. Mason Jar Succulent Planters

Mason Jar Succulent Planters

This is an excellent summer décor idea that upcycles Mason jars into succulent planters. You can leave them transparent, showing the filling of the jars or cover the outside with chalk paint in lovely summer-inspired colors.

via Mom4real

16. Candle Holders As Indoor Succulent Planters

Candle Holders As Indoor Succulent Planters

The small candle holders can find a new application once the candles are gone. Put the succulent cuttings or cacti inside the glass holder and then fill it with the potting soil.

The more of these you turn into planters, the better, as you can group them and turn them into a succulent whimsy arrangement.

via Suburbia Unwrapped

17. Hanging Terrariums As Indoor Succulent Planters

Hanging Terrariums As Indoor Succulent Planters

The succulent terrariums have a minimalist look and are great to hang from the ceiling, an exposed beam or any other high surface.

Keep them close to each other to create a stunning curtain from live plants.

18. Stacked Vertical Planters

Stacked Vertical Planters

This vertical garden is made with felt succulents but has no obstacle to making it with real ones.

The key to keeping the succulents fixed to the bottom of the vertical planters is to add a chain link mesh to the bottom of the boxes.

via Lia Griffith

19. Pallet Succulent Garden

Pallet Succulent Garden

This is another great idea for an indoor succulent garden that won’t take any of your floor space and is budget-friendly.

You need a pallet, jars and brackets to keep them in place vertically. Mix and match planters with candles to make the pallet garden more interesting.

via Style Me Pretty

20. Tea Set Succulent Planters

Tea Set Succulent Planters

Any small containers are great for succulent planters, including tea tins.

No need to update them in any way, fill them with pebbles or pea gravel at the bottom, potting mix and succulents.

21. Indoor Succulent Planter Idea With Macrame

Indoor Succulent Planter Idea With Macrame

This vertical succulent planter idea is great for small spaces, staircase décor or porch décor.

The pots can be suspended from the ceiling, from an exposed beam or the wall with macrame holders. They match the natural and simple look of the succulent types perfectly.

22. Hexagonal Indoor Succulent Planter

Hexagonal Indoor Succulent Planter

The idea for a framed succulent garden is upgraded to a more modern version. The regular square shape is replaced with a hexagonal shadow box.

You can fill the entire inside of the box with succulents or leave it half empty for an intriguing look.

via Walnut Hollow

23. Free-standing Succulent Terrarium

Free-standing Succulent Terrarium

The terrariums with succulents are perfect as free-standing indoor planters as well.

You can add them to a bookshelf arrangement or place them on top of a decoration with books. The glass terrarium can also be the centerpiece of a side or coffee table.

24. Farmhouse Style Indoor Succulent Planter

Farmhouse Style Indoor Succulent Planter

The retro jar holders are the perfect finish to a Mason jar succulent planter set.

Paint the jars and the crate in the desired colors that will match your existing décor and will let the succulent varieties stand out.

25. Gumball Machine Into Indoor Succulent Planter

Gumball Machine Into Indoor Succulent Planter

This indoor succulent planter idea is a great inspiration for upcycling items that seem to be unuseful. The DIY project uses a gumball machine which will otherwise be thrown away.

You can use real succulent varieties or faux succulents as decoration inside the bowl.

via The Crafted Sparrow

26. Small Modern Concrete Planters

Small Modern Concrete Planters

Make your own modern-looking succulent planters from concrete.

Get a mix and pour it into a mold with the desired shape. You can use any containers from your household as molds.

27. Tiered Succulent Planter

Tiered Succulent Planter

The cake and cookie stands are great for an indoor succulent garden. The tiered levels will give the living decorations interest and the possibility to arrange them in an interesting pattern.

Mix shorts with vining succulent types to use the height of the second tier.

via Infarrantly Creative

28. Succulent Planter From Vintage Books

Succulent Planter From Vintage Books

Do you have old books that are not that interesting or are somehow damaged? Turn them into artistic planters easily.

Cut a hole at the center of the book, leaving the bottom cover untouched and fill it with succulents.

via Dream a Little Bigger

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