21 Unique DIY Snake Plant Stand Ideas

DIY Snake Plant Stand Ideas

1. DIY Wood Plant Stand

Snake Plant Stand 1

Learn how to craft a modern DIY wood plant stand with this simple woodworking project. Just cut a 10-inch wood circle and two 6-inch pieces, sand them, then glue the smaller pieces to the center of the larger one, forming an “x.” Check out the details here.

2. Modern Snake Plant Stand


Want to create a similar one? Take 1×2 pieces, cut them, and interlock them to form the stand, providing stability for your potted snake plants. Find more about this DIY here.

3. Wood Stand with a Vintage Look

Snake Plant Stand 3

Using basic tools like a saw and drill, you, too, can create this vintage and chic plant stand with wooden legs and brackets. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions.

4. Mid-Century Style Snake Plant Stand


Here is how to create stylish and affordable DIY mid-century plant stands using trays. Start by attaching the legs to the tray using JB weld steel stik for metal trays. Detailed tutorial here.

5. Minimalistic Stand

Snake Plant Stand 5

Want something sleek and modern? Create one using wood dowels, pine boards, dowel pins, clamps, glue, wood stain, and some basic tools. Here are the instructions.

6. Stained Wood Plant Stand


Craft your stained snake plant stand using 1×2 wood pieces, screws, and a drill. Cut the wood into specified lengths, create a crosspiece, and attach the legs. Check out the DIY here.

7. Upcycled Stand for Snake Plant

Snake Plant Stand 7

Follow this quick and easy DIY to learn how an ordinary thrift store can be turned into a stunning tall plant stand. Here’s the step-by-step process.

Snake Plant Stand Ideas

8. A Simple Wood Stand

Snake Plant Stand 1

9. Metal Plant Stand with a Shelf


10. Old Books for Large Pot

11. Metal Wire Stand for Tabletops

Snake Plant Stand 6

12. Modern Indoor Plant Stand

Snake Plant Stand 11

13. Three Legged Stool

14. Repurposed Stools, Ottoman, and Old Birdcage

Snake Plant Stand 13

15. Tiered Corner Stand

16. Weaving Plant Stand with Upcycled Table


17. Vintage Metal Planter with Legs

Snake Plant Stand 19

18. Copper Stand and Marble Top Stool Idea

19. Woven Snake Plant Stands from Bamboo

20. Intricate Metal Stand

Snake Plant Stand 23

21. Weaving Planter and Stand Combo

Snake Plant Stand 25

Styling with Snake Plant Stand Ideas

1. Select the Right Stand

The first step is to choose a plant stand that complements both your snake plant and your interior decor. Materials like wrought iron offer a timeless look, while wooden stands provide a more rustic or Scandinavian appeal.

2. Vary the Height

For added visual interest, consider using plant stands of varying heights. This creates a tiered look and allows each snake plant to stand out. It also enables you to make the most of vertical space, which is particularly beneficial in small apartments.

3. Pick the Right Location

Location matters when it comes to maximizing impact. Consider placing your snake plant stand in a corner to soften the edges of a room or near a window to create an appealing visual contrast with the outdoor scenery. Avoid cluttered areas, as the stand and plant should serve as a focal point.

4. Pair with Other Plants

Snake plants are generally quite tolerant of various lighting conditions, allowing you flexibility in pairing them with other plants. Try combining your snake plant with other indoor plants on a multi-tiered stand, ensuring each plant’s light and water needs are compatible.

5. Use Accent Lighting

A well-placed lamp or spotlight can elevate your snake plant display from pretty to stunning. Lighting not only highlights the plant but also casts intriguing shadows, especially if your snake plant has a unique shape or texture.

6. Add Decorative Elements

For the finishing touch, consider adding decorative elements like pebbles or moss at the base of the plant or even small figurines and ornaments on the plant stand itself for a personalized touch.


Whether you prefer minimalist chic or mid-century charm, these snake plant stands offer a blend of style and functionality. By incorporating varying heights, the stands create visually appealing displays, maximizing the potential of even the smallest spaces.

With careful selection and creative touches, your snake plants can become captivating focal points, breathing life into your home.

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