16 Fortune Plants and Flowers To Place Indoor

You and I always want to have a little bit of luck and fortune in our lives. What things will help you have them? But for myself, the first thing that I think of adding extra luck in my life is plants. There are actually a lot of plants that you can consider for your home or garden that can increase your luck. And this article, we want to write about them!

Here are 16 fortune plants and flowers that we are so glad to recommend for you. In addition to bringing positive vibes to your room, they also look great beautiful, and of course, when placing them in your house, they will do their mission and make your house more beautiful and outstanding. They also are easy to grow with minimal care, even if you forget them in a few days, they can still thrive. So, if you are planning to grow something plants in your house, let’s think about them!

#1 Peace Lily

According to Feng shui, it is considered a fortune plant. This plant denotes purity, peace, and harmony.

#2 Houseleek

The scientific name of this lucky plant implies ‘always alive.’ It is believed that houseleek keeps the house safe from lighting and fire. It also makes the home prosperous and protects against witchcraft.

#3 Morning Glory

Another feng shui plant that brings happiness, peace, and harmony to your home. Place it on a sunny window or under grow lights.

#4 Pachira Money Tree

According to feng shui, the Pachira money tree has magical powers. It is believed that growing a money tree makes you fortunate and it also brings good luck.

#5 Golden Pothos

Golden pothos attracts wealth and brings peaceful vibes. It also attracts fortune and happiness.

#6 Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo portrays the five elements of feng shui, a sign of luck and prosperity. You can also grow it in water without soil.

#7 Orchids

The delicate, ornamental, graceful flowers are associated with love, strength, beauty, and luxury. According to feng shui, orchids help you in finding a good partner.

#8 Basil

Basil is considered sacred in Indian culture and people plant it at the entrance or porch of their homes. It is believed that the plant brings good luck and removes evil.

#9 Rubber Plant

Place the rubber plant at the ‘wealth area’ of your home as it is believed to attract money. Its round-shaped foliage is considered best for attracting wealth and prosperity.

#10 Clover

This popular lucky plant is used by early Celts to eliminate evil. Later, St. Patrick used the leaf to manifest the holy trinity. The first leaf denotes faith, the second leaf hope, the third represents love and the fourth luck.

#11 Rose

Roses are considered to bring love, luck, and healing. Each rose color and fragrance has its significance and specific energies that attract peace and positive vibes to the place.

#12 Sage

Sage signifies wisdom, longevity, and immortality. It is related to awarding fulfillment of wishes too.

#13 Parlor Palm

According to feng shui, palms improve balance and create positive energy. Parlor palm is an elegant choice that fits in all types of home decors.

#14 Snake Plant

If located in an ideal position, the snake plant can bring protective energy to the home. It also works against negative Chi when placed in less congested areas.

#15 Lotus

Lotus symbolizes health, long life, good luck, and honor.

#16 Jade Plant

According to feng shui, the jade plant activates financial luck. Keep it on the office desks or tables to invite good luck to your career.

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