16 Best Beautiful Golden Houseplants

Adding a little something special to your home, do you have any ideas yet? No need to look anywhere more, spending your time looking at some of the ideas here. That is the golden plants. They are more attractive than any other green plant because they can brighten up your space in the house. And here are 16 golden plants with the most beautiful colors that we have chosen to introduce you, let’s learn about them with us.

In the color meaning, golden color is always a symbol of freshness, belief, longing, and hope. In addition, they are similar to the color of the sun when shining to dispel gloomy, dull atmosphere that makes human life better in any condition. That is the reason why the golden plants always get the attention and affection of many people. So, these golden indoor plants are a perfect way to rests away from the usual green foliage plants and showcase the charm in your home. We hope that with these golden plants here, you will find one that is suitable for your favorite.

#1 Golden Pothos

The lush green leaves of golden pothos are flushed in a golden shade. This most popular variety is preferred for low demanding nature and survival in extreme conditions.

#2 Ceylon Golden Plant

This beautiful air-purifying plant offers paddle-shaped, bright fluorescent green foliage with hints of gold. It is perfect for low-light conditions.

#3 Gold Child

This gold variegated ivy is an evergreen climber with gray-green foliage embellished with bright gold edges. In hot climates, the variegation fade to butter yellow.

#4 Golden Sedum

The golden sedum has green-yellow foliage that can turn into the beautiful golden bronze shade.

#5 Hosta

There are hosta varieties like ‘fire island,’ ‘golden medallion,’ and ‘little aurora’ with beautiful yellow-golden shade. While hostas grow best outdoors in the shade, you can try them indoors as well.

#6 Golden Snake Plant

It is a dwarf cultivar of Sansevieria trifasciata and forms a low rosette of oval-shaped, gray-green leaves with dark green crossbands and wide creamy- golden-yellow edges.

#7 Golden Princess Agave

This slow-growing succulent offers smooth, spineless leaves with broad golden-yellow margins, a green center, and dramatic silver markings on the leaves’ edges and center.

#8 Amber Waves

Amber Waves’ is a clump-forming variety with amber-orange golden leaves. The plant does well in moderate droughts. It looks spectacular when kept in bright, indirect light.

#9 Mrs. Iceton Croton

This attractive variety exhibits light green foliage with shades of orange, yellow, and red. The plant may have an extensive hue of gold on the leaves, depending on the light exposure.

#10 Gold Dust Croton

Also known as Sun-Spot Croton, it displays oval-shaped, bright green leaves mottled with golden-yellow spots. For vibrant foliage, grow this croton in bright light.

#11 Golden Jade Tree

This shrubby succulent has spectacular foliage with the upper part of leaves flaunting a golden-yellow hue that matches superbly with red outlines on the foliage.

#12 Rum Runner

This plant features a dramatic contrast of broad golden-yellow streaks that run down to the center of each leaf in the middle of its gray-green margins.

#13 Hawaiian Spider Plant

Also known as ‘Golden Glow,’ this beautiful plant has a compact size with glossy green foliage in rich champagne-gold tones.

#14 Honeydew

This fascinating dumb cane variety forms golden-yellow leaves with green edges.

#15 Sticks on Fire

Also known as pencil cactus, it has vertical, thin stems like a pencil that collectively forms branched stems that are red-golden in color when exposed to sunlight.

#16 Star Bright

This plant produces narrow leaves compared to other dumb cane varieties. It features golden-green foliage mottled in dark green color.

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