15 Beautiful Plants And Ground Cover For Garden Pathways

Garden pathways and walkways are an important part of any garden. They allow you to move from one place to another without having to worry about damaging the plants, but sometimes the garden path is less attention. They can actually become an attractive decor if you are a little creative thinking, the key can be to plant some plants between garden paths and ground cover that can add to the beauty of the garden. This time I want to invite you to learn more varieties of plants that can withstand foot traffic and give a fresh touch in your garden path. The first thing you need of course is the list of plants that are small, it is also very easy because in fact an extensive list of plants that you can choose. If you have found your favorite, then like the plants in your garden, they also need care even though only the treatment is low enough though. In addition to easy maintenance, the list of these plants is very easy to spread and reproduce as well. I am sure you are also curious and want to know which one is the most suitable plants for the garden path, so let’s check!

Corsican Mint

Scotch Moss

Purple Mazus

John Creech Sedum

Blue Star Creeper

Creeping Thyme

Golden Creeping Jenny

Irish Moss

Brass Buttons

Creeping Jenny

Creeping Sedum

Alpine Lady’s Mantle

Baby’s Tears

Blue Veronica Liwanensis

Double Bird’s Foot Trefoil

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