Egypt’s Ancient And Forgotten City Was Discovered Under The Ground

Egypt’s Ancient And Forgotten City Was Discovered Under The Ground

The Great Pyramid is the ultimate wonder of the ancient world. Its stone blocks weigh a total of 6 million tons. Without today’s power tools and surveying equipment, how could Egyptian engineers build such a flawless tomb building for Kufu Pharaoh?

Are you sure they weren’t Egyptians? What about the extraterrestrials?

Who erected the megalithic stone blocks, and where did they come from? Were those people slaves or volunteers, and if so, where did they reside, who fed them, and how were they organized?

“Decoding the Great Pyramid” reveals the most recent and crucial evidence of creative archaeological study, allowing us to better understand this, the world’s greatest architectural endeavor, by revealing a forgotten metropolis as well as numerous intimate details about the lives of those who lived at the time.

This film explains how humans constructed the Great Pyramid and tries to prove it.

We at Alien News continue to believe that aliens built the Great Pyramid of Giza, and that its purpose was to serve as a power plant rather than a cemetery.

I still recommend that you see this film on the underground discovery of Egypt’s lost city, since it’s critical to understand all of the evidence before deciding what to believe.


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