Egyptian Mythology: Isis and the seven scorpions

Egyptian Mythology: Isis and the seven scorpions

The myth of Isis and the Seven Scorpions appeared written on the Metternich Stela, a tablet found in Alexandria in 1828 and which is currently in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.

Egyptian Mythology tells that …

.. the veneration of the Egyptians for Osiris had become the envy of his brother Seth. Married to Isis, the ruling goddess of Egypt, Osiris fathered a son whom he named Horus, however, Seth’s irrational hatred would end up destroying the happiness of the divine family.

Soon he began to hatch plans to separate them, and even when Isis and her son Horus went into hiding, they ended up being captured and locked up by Seth.

However, it was Thoth‘s divine justice that things did not happen this way, and as evening fell, he helped Isis escape with her son. To help them in their escape, he sent seven scorpions with them, who thus became their guardians.

After a long diaspora through Egyptian lands, Isis reached Per-Sui. There she asked for help at the home of a rich woman named Usert.

But this one, seeing the seven scorpions, denied her help and shelter. They continued like this in their flight until they found, in the marshes of the Nile, the house of a poor woman who gave them all the necessary help that Usert had denied them shortly before.

Back at home, the scorpions, angered by the behavior of the first woman, decided to chastise Usert, and thus, they sent all their poison home, thus being inoculated her son, who became seriously ill.

The desperate woman asked for help for her son, but everyone shunned her, and only Isis, seeing her terrified, help her.

Isis ordered the poison out of the body of Usert’s son, and thus the boy was saved.

The rich woman, ashamed, when she saw that the person who had been denied help shortly before was now saving her son’s life, asked for forgiveness, and in return gave all her fortune to Isis and the poor woman who had sheltered the goddess.

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